English as a Second Language (ESL)

Click on one of the links below to obtain help with writing if you're not a native English speaker! 

Writing and English as a Second Language (University of North Carolina) 

The University of North Carolina focuses their ESL resources to directly working on writing as the main key to success for ESL students because they believe that from writing,listening, speaking, and reading can easily be incorporated with it. The site they created goes through the steps of writing from pre-writing up to the finish draft, the main process for most if not all college papers. 

English as a Second Language (Dartmouth Writing Program) 

Dartmouth goes through the many unique aspects to American writing including the paragraph, structure, thesis, argument, and sentences of an academic paper. Many students feel as if they have produced a well-written paper, but when reviewed by a professor, the students find that there are many errors in their papers that Americans just come to expect in academic writing. Therefore, Dartmouth strives to point out all of these American expectations to make the writing process a little bit easier.

ESL- English as a Second Language (Ron C. Lee, Ph.D.)

Dr. Lee's site includes interactive pronunciation guides that allow a student to hear a word and then pronounce it his/herself; newspapers and magazines that put what a student learns from textbook English to use in the real world; conversation guides, tutorials, and sentence quizzes that enhance textbook learning. He wants that students be "in the know" when it comes to the English language to eliminate confusion and enhance bilingualism. 

ESL Students (Purdue Writing Lab) 

The Purdue Owl Writing Lab, more commonly known for their very in-depth APA and MLA style guides, has also produced an entire section of their website for those students in their higher education learning to improve their overall English. They include handouts on how to succeed in North American colleges and the professional business world. The North American Colleges handout especially is a crash course for those new to university-level writing who do not know the fine details in writing conventions besides the actual writing of a paper.   

Writing and English as a Second Language (North Carolina Public Schools) 

Many of the resources from the North Carolina Public Schools' site incudes are the steps in writing including pre-writing, outlining, and drafting. They mainly try to help those students who have not yet developed their English vocabulary and have difficulty in expressing themselves as a result of that.

English as a Second Language (Seattle Central Community College) 

The Seattle Central Community College's website includes a variety of other websites that they have compiled to enhance their own. Many of the activities appeal to those students who want to learn how to read, expand their vocabulary, and produce academic papers. Comprehension activities, including quizzes using newspapers and fairytale stories and an American slang guide, help put the English the students hear and learn to practical use. They also include resources for online or self-study materials to further help in learning.

English as a Second Language (University of Toronto) 

The University of Toronto's site focuses exclusively on grammar. If the grammar in an academic paper is not correct, it makes the reader unable to fully engage him/herself in the actual writing. This distraction causes the writer's purpose of his/her paper to be lost within the mixed-up sentences and wrong verb tense use. Therefore, for a paper to be fully effective, the grammar needs to be correct! They include guides on gerunds, articles, and  subject-verb agreement as well as others.

Activities for ESL/EFL Students (The Internet TESL Journal)

This site is designed to provide activities in grammar, syntax, and vocabulary for those who may need a little extra help! It also includes quizzes and tests for bilingual students who want to challenge their memory and skill in both their languages!