Photo of Writing Center Staff

Writing Center

Who We Are

The Writing Center is located at 509 Stanton Street, just behind Holman Library and Voigt Science.  We offer writing assistance to all students, faculty, and staff members.  We also assist students who are not located on the Lebanon campus using an online program which allows students and writing consultants to work together in real time.  Our phone number is 618-537-2150.  You may also schedule your own appointment online using the instructions below. 


How to Utilize

Setting Up An Appointment

Our web-based scheduling system allows writers to set up their own appointments; both face-to-face and online appointments are available.  Each writer must log onto to set up an account.  Once the account has been set up, writers may use the site to schedule their preferred appointment time.  Writers have the option of attaching documents to the appointment block.  Appointments may also be cancelled through the same web-based system.

Preparing for a Tutoring Session

Writers should bring a copy of the assignment or instructions, and any drafts or notes they have developed for the project.

What We Do

We work with writers at all stages of the writing process.  We help each writer individually and do not do work that they should do for themselves, such as proof reading.  Rather, we help writers improve their writing skills.  


We help students:

Get motivation to write
Start an assignment

Create a thesis statement
Organize a paper

Revise a draft
Clarify an argument
Integrate and cite research
Understand and avoid plagiarism
Document in MLA, APA, and Chicago Style

Understand voice in academic writing
Master grammar, mechanics, and punctuation