The schedule changes for various reasons each semester and within the semester. Typically, starting the second week of the fall and spring semesters and continuing through to the week before exams, the schedule you see will remain the same and only change if an employee must miss a shift (and in those cases, we try our best to have another employee replace the absent one if an appointment is already scheduled). To view the most up-to-date schedule, please visit mckendree.mywconline.com (you will have to set up an account if you do not have one). You may make an appointment up to 14 days in advance.


During final exam week, the availability of the staff changes because of their exam schedules. Appointments are always offered during exam week, but sometimes the availability is limited.


There are some other times of limited or no availability during the regular semester as listed here:

Fall semesters:

No appointments on Labor Day

Limited availability on Fall Break Day

No appointments Thanksgiving Break (but we do offer appointments the days before that break begins during that week)


Spring semesters:

Limited availability on Martin Luther King Day

Limited availability during Spring Break Week

No appointments on Good Friday

No appointments on Academic Excellence Day*


*Depending on the Director's schedule for that day, there may be some limited availability showing on the schedule for that day


Summer semesters:

No appointments on Memorial Day

No appointments on 4th of July (in most cases, if the 4th falls on a Saturday there will be no appointments on the 3rd, and if the 4th falls on a Sunday there will be no appointments on the 5th, but checking that year's summer schedule at mckendree.mywconline.com will show any varients)

Limited appointments from the week following the spring's final exam week through to the week before the first week of the next fall's semester. During the summer months, all appointments are listed as online only


Winter break:

There is no official schedule posted for this period, which begins the week after fall's final exam week and continues through to the week before spring's first week; however, with the exception of December 24th-January 1st, the Writing Center's Director is typically available for limited online appointments.


Inclement Weather: In the case of the University closing for inclement weather, all of that day's face-to-face appointments will be canceled. Please consult the schedule for the next available appointment times. Depending on the staffing, some of the on-campus student workers might be available for face-to-face appointments during their normal shift, so please keep an eye out for emails regarding any changes to schedules on these days, but if you are not on campus you can switch your originally scheduled face-to-face appointment to online.


Appointments are scheduled for 30-minute to one-hour periods.

Students coming in for a face-to-face consultation should bring in either a hard copy or a digital copy of the instructor’s assignment and their paper. For online appointments, please prepare for your appointment by having your paper uploaded through the mckendree.mywconline.com appointment form.

We do not simply proofread, nor do we simply "go through" papers.  Rather, we work with you to help you improve your writing.  Before you come in for your appointment, please reflect on how we can best accomplish this goal of assisting you.