Photo of Leadership and Service Banquet Dinning

Student Hall of Fame Award

Nominations for Hall of Fame

This award recognizes students that exemplify the Four Dimensions of the McKendree Experience: REAL. Hall of Fame students can represent any of a number of organizations on campus, in the community and/or McKendree Worldwide, (categories listed below). Students who are nominated have gone above and beyond the calling of their group and are seen as humble and dedicated leaders. These students are often characterized as reliable, collaborative, motivational, organized and communicative, and have willingness to place the goals of the group before personal gain while continuously showcasing good standing with the university (not currently on probation and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher). This award is focused more on the quality of group leadership rather than the number of organizations in which an individual is involved.  This award cannot be self nominated.


Photo of the Student Hall of Fame Award