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Deposits and Fees

New Student Tuition Deposit

First-time students must pay a New Student Tuition Deposit as part of the enrollment confirmation process. The deposit signifies the student's intent to enroll at McKendree University and is necessary for enrollment and to maintain eligibility for any academic scholarships for which the student is eligible. The New Student Tuition Deposit is non-refundable.


The New Student Tuition Deposit will be credited to the student's account, offsetting charges in the first term in which the student has charges.


Residential Student Housing Fee

First-time residents in University-managed housing must pay a Residential Student Housing Fee. The fee is required to reserve a room in residence and is in addition to the specified room rent. The Residential Student Housing Fee is non-refundable.


New Student Orientation Fee

All new first year and transfer undergraduate students are assessed a one-time New Student Orientation Fee to support programs and services related to new student orientation and transfer orientation programs.  This fee is charged even if a student chooses not to attend the orientation program.  Each new student is assessed an orientation fee that will appear on the fall tuition statement.   


Graduation Fee

All graduating students are charged a Graduation Fee that covers the cost of the graduation process, cost of printing and mailing diplomas and the cost of the commencement ceremony. The fee will be charged at the start of the student's last term, and is charged even if the student chooses not to participate in Commencement.


Student Health Services Fee

All full time undergraduate students are assessed the Student Health Services Fee to provide support for programs and services offered by the Student Health Center and Counseling Services and for health promotion initiatives.  This fee does not cover diagnostic tests performed by offsite laboratories, x-rays or other imaging, prescriptions, or referrals to outside specialists and/or other health care providers. *


Part time and graduate students may opt to pay the semester Student Health Services Fee in order to access services offered or choose a fee per visit.


*McKendree expects all students to carry medical insurance. 


Student Activity Fee

All full time undergraduates are assessed the Student Activity Fee.  The student activity fee supports programs, events, and services that enhance the quality of student life at McKendree.


Interest on Unpaid Balances

Interest will be assessed monthly on all unpaid balances at a rate of 1.5% each month, which is equivalent to an 18.0% annually. Students may avoid interest charges by:

    • Paying charges at the start of each term, or within 30 days of the invoice date
    • Enrolling and remaining current on the University's payment plan program through NelNet
    • Confirming eligibility for Veteran's benefits (Chapter 31 and Chapter 33) through Financial Aid
    • Participating in an employer Direct Pay program (employer pays the University directly for education benefits)