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Show Choir Mission

The mission of the McKendree University Show Choir is to provide students from all majors and backgrounds a venue to sing, dance, and grow as performers. Show Choir provides students a network of peers that they can connect with, go to for support, and strive together toward a common goal. This ensemble features singing and dancing at the highest level on a wide range of diverse repertoire and styles. Through the rehearsal and performance process, we prepare students to grow as learners, responsible citizens, and well-rounded leaders in our society. Show Choir is open by audition to any McKendree University student.


Interested in Auditioning?

To become a member of this elite performing arts program, each candidate must complete a simple audition process.
We prefer that all graduating seniors apply to McKendree University before auditioning.

Audition Information 



Gain a collegiate show choir experience

Perform in exciting and high-qualityshows and events

Model as a McKendree University Ambassador

Enhance your vocal and dance ability