Academic Program Review

The mission of McKendree University is to provide a high quality educational experience to outstanding students. The purpose of the Academic Program Review process is to ensure the quality and relevance of courses and programs. The purpose is not to compare one program to another, but to examine the quality of each program individually. The review process aims to "close the loop" by using data to inform decisions and plan for the future.

The Academic Program Review process takes place over three consecutive semesters and includes these steps:

Step 1: Self-Study (Spring semester)

Step 2: External Review (Fall semester)

Step 3: Action Plan (Spring semester)

All academic majors are reviewed every seven years. For majors that are reviewed externally for accreditation purposes, the Provost will determine if the external accreditation review may substitute for all or a portion of the McKendree program review process.

Categories of information included in the Self-Study:

a. Mission and History

b. Curriculum

c. Assessment

d. Faculty

e. Resources

f. Students

g. Summary

Download a copy of the current Academic Program Review policy, schedule, and forms.

Download the current Academic Program Review rotation.

For further information, contact Dr. Alan Alewine, Associate Dean for Curriculum.