Technology Training Offerings

Hone Your Technology Skills: Online Learning

Are you interested in McKendree Online but afraid of computers? Would you like to be more efficient as you work toward your online degree? This session, based upon the Technology Skills Assessment, will help you become confident in using the technology necessary for online learning.

Microsoft Office: Table for Two, or Three

From tables of contents to displaying tablature data, learn about creating and designing tables in Microsoft Office.

Converting All Sorts of Files

Do you need to create a PDF but all of your files are in Microsoft Word format? Are you wanting to use pictures, but don't know a GIF from a BMP? Would you like to put an Excel file inside a Word document? This course will have you laughing in the face of the danger of file conversion!

Blackboard: Making Things Less Boring

Is your Blackboard experience bordering on bland? Learn how to instill more life into your online course content with images, video, and advanced formatting.

Blackboard: The Very Basics

Are you new to Blackboard and don't know quite where to begin? This session is a very good place to start.

LiveText: Performing Assessments on Students

When it is time for assessments, this course offers the refresher you need to feel confident with your LiveText skills. For a new instructor, this is an essential course.