McKendree and Missouri University of Science & Technology Now Offer 3+2 Engineering Degree Program

Three Years at McKendree, Two Years at Rolla

Lebanon, Ill. — McKendree University’s growing pre-engineering program has taken another big step forward with the signing of a formal agreement to offer dual enrollment with the Missouri University of Science and Technology. McKendree established a 3+2 engineering program partnership with the University of Illinois earlier this year.

“The 3+2 engineering program combines the virtues of a McKendree University education with advanced technical training at two of the country’s top engineering schools,” said Dr. Christine Bahr, provost and dean. Upon successful completion of three years of study at McKendree, students enter Missouri S&T or the University of Illinois to complete the engineering degree requirements for their last two years. Students receive a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computational science or computer science from McKendree, and a bachelor’s degree in engineering at the transfer institution.

"The 3+2 format offers several advantages," said Dr. Adam Tournier, assistant professor of physics. Students can fulfill all of their general education requirements such as English and history, as well as higher level math and science courses at McKendree. For many students, the  nurturing academic environment, smaller class size, more individual attention from professors, and the freedom to explore one’s options offer an attractive alternative to larger, traditional four-year engineering schools, he explained.

"A high quality liberal arts education that emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving and strong communication skills prepares students for the rigorous engineering discipline," Tournier noted. “This program allows students the benefits of a liberal arts education, and creates the skills employers desire, such as writing, presentation, public speaking, and critical thinking. Engineering is a team-based profession so one of the skills we work on is team building.”

After their junior year, students are ready for more specialized training in civil, electrical or computer engineering. “The coursework gives them a strong foundation to pursue studies in aerospace, structural, architectural engineering as well, and we are looking to add chemical and environmental engineering,” Tournier said. “There is an enormous amount of flexibility for students in the engineering fields and our degrees. It provides a basis so students can pursue any engineering major they want.

“The 3+2 program allows students to get the unique McKendree experience that builds a solid foundation for their engineering education, while insuring a smooth transition to some of the most prestigious technological universities in the world.”


Dr. Christine Bahr Signing Engineering Degree Program

Dr. Christine Bahr, McKendree University provost and dean, signs the partnership agreement, joined by Dr. Adam Tournier, assistant professor of physics, and Dr. Jim Feher, professor of computer science.