Making Students Mattter

Piper Academic Center (PAC) - Room 222

701 College Road
Lebanon, IL 62254

Phone: 1-800-BEARCAT
Website: Click to Visit

Presented by David Coleman. Join us in PAC 222 on Wednesday, February 7 at 4pm.  The Campus Activities Office is hosting David Coleman and his presentation, Making Students Matter.  This program will prepare those who regularly interact with students to deal with the highs and lows students encounter throughout their experiences. You have the opportunity to choose your attitude every day and you will come to understand the importance of that decision and the impact it has upon the students you serve. He will discuss the 5 Stages of Development EVERY college student experiences and what can be expected from them as they progress through each stage. Several of the social and personal differences between male and female college students will be revealed as well as the nature of interpersonal social relationships they engage in.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018


Craig Robertson