... Meet Brandon

Without the support I received from the generosity of McKendree University's donors, I would not be here at McKendree University today. As I was searching for the right University, the scholarships that McKendree offered to me made all the difference for me and my family. As a Junior looking back my life has been changed by the education I've received here. When I talk to my other friends who attend different universities, there's no comparison between our experiences...McKendree is head and shoulders above the rest. I feel strongly that McKendree faculty and staff are doing everything they can to prepare me for my future and have the sense that the focus of the faculty is on me and helping me achieve my future goals.

I enjoy being in the marching band and am now the band drum major. I also love the work I get to do with Model UN and many other related activities. It's my hope to continue my education after I graduate in 2013 and pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and my Juris Doctorate as well. I will support the annual fund when I leave McKendree because I know first hand, the difference it makes.

Thank you for making a difference for me!