Photo of Martin HolmanMalcom Holman


Sgt. Martin Holman '20

Music major from Belleville, Illinois

United States Marine

Supply Administration Specialist

Spent four years of service in California




Cpl. Malcom Holman '20

Music major from Belleville, Illinois

United States Marine

Maintenance Data Specialist

Spent four years of service in North Carolina



Sgt. Martin and Cpl. Malcom Holman are twins from Belleville, Illinois.  Both men enlisted after high school and are now United States Marines.  Martin spent his time in California as a Supply Administration Specialist, while Malcom was across the country in North Carolina as a Maintenance Data Specialist.  Being in the military has taught these men many things. 

Quotation Graphic"Everything in life has to be earned."


“Team work makes the dream work”, said Malcom.  “Everything in life has to be earned.  Nothing will be given to you”, said Martin.  After their four years of service, they decided to pursue their passion for music at McKendree University.  Both agreed that McKendree was a good choice because of the diversity they see around campus.  Martin also added that he was aware of McKendree’s strong military accommodations and appreciation program, which also influenced his decision to enroll.

Malcom and Martin are taking their classes on campus and are still trying to adjust to student life.  Malcom expressed that going back to school was somewhat difficult because he has no formal background in music, at least not at the collegiate level, and at first it felt like it was a “non-stop game of catch up”.  However, he felt that the transition was made easier due to the fact that he is studying something he loves.  Martin agreed with Malcom, but also added that he feels at somewhat of an advantage not having the formal education with music.  He feels that since he has no preconceived ideas or understandings of learning about music, he can absorb the information easier, like a “sponge effect”. 

According to Malcom, the most rewarding part of his job in the military was “traveling and the comradery.  Just being around people you never met, and being able to grow so close.”  Martin’s most rewarding part was “the journey of being away from home, and building a brotherhood with all the other people there with you, experiencing the same things.”

Quotation Graphic"Don't give up on your dreams."

When asked what advice they had for fellow members of the military or veterans, Martin suggested that everyone read the “The Alchemist” and Malcom said, “Don’t give up on your dreams.  Everything will fall into place no matter how slow it may seem.  Place your trust in the dream giver and everything will be alright.”


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