McKendree Military Students: Their Journey

Becoming a student while in the military or after serving, can be challenging.  Read some success stories about our military students, past and present.

Joseph Gebke '16
Immediately after high school (2007), Jospeh enlisted in the military.  He his military service in 2012 and he enrolled at McKendree.  Read his story featuring how he feels his military service affected his McKendree University student life.

Keo Mills '14
As a a former Air Force master sergeant, Keo Mills enrolled in community college at age 47 becoming involved in several organizations.  Read his story about how he embraced college life as a military non-traditional student.

Kenneth Rowe '12
Air Force veteran, Kenneth decided to go back to college to better himself after his son went into the Air Force.  Read his story about how he reached his goal of graduating college while having a full-time job and three grandchildren.

Curtis Toler
Air Force veteran, Curtis Toler, was a part of McKendree University's Online Psychology Program.  Read his story about his journey and experience at McKendree.

Holly Raesly '14
Holly is a United States National Guard Senior Airman and carries a full-time course load.  Read her story about her dedication to her country and grades, as well as her study abroad opportunities.