Scott Skinner '01

 In honor of the 40th anniversary of McKendree University in Kentucky, the University is proud to recognize outstanding alumni who have graduated from the Radcliff and Louisville, Ky. campuses since 1974.


Name: Scott Skinner ’01

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Louisville, Ky.

Current Career Position: Human Resources Manager

Company: The Galt House Hotel


Describe your career path since graduating from McKendree.

Nearly simultaneously with my graduation I was promoted into management.  I’ve since completed an MBA, achieved board certification in healthcare management, and am now an executive with Norton Healthcare.  At Norton I provide leadership around clinical technology planning and service/support.

What impact has your degree had on your life or career?

My degree truly was the needed credential to evolve my career to the next level.  There’s been no looking back since I graduated!

What is the best career advice you have received?

I was in several classes with Greg Bailey and he was excellent at weaving real life examples into the learning process.  He’d personally lived the life of an entrepreneur, and hearing about those experiences was invaluable.

In what professional organizations are you a member?

I am a member ofthe Technology Management Council for the Association for theAdvancement of Medical Instrumentation, Inc., past president andco-founder of the Kentucky Association for Medical Instrumentation,Inc., and a graduate of Leadership Louisville’s Ignite Louisville Classof 2010. In addition, I have achieved board certification in healthcaremanagement as a Fellow of the American College of HealthcareExecutives, am quoted frequently in industry journals, and have beenrecognized nationally for best practices in my field.


What are your hobbies?
I enjoy spending time with family, doing home improvements, and playing the Great Highland Bagpipe (from Scotland).