Forty in 40: Marty Feldkamp '13

In honor of the 40th anniversary of McKendree University in Kentucky, the University is proud to recognize outstanding alumni who have graduated from the Radcliff and Louisville, Ky. campuses since 1974.

Name: Martha “Marty” Feldkamp ’13

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Louisville, Ky.

Current Position: Director of Enterprise Accounts in the Healthcare Sector

Company: UPS

As a non-traditional student, what led you to pursue your college degree?

I chose to head right to work after graduation rather than advancing my education, despite my parents’ wishes for me to become the first college graduate in my family. I began working part time at UPS as an unloader, and then advanced to a part-time supervision position, but soon saw my career was not advancing as I had anticipated. Unfortunately at the time, I did not prioritize my education and the money was attractive. I was making what most would consider a good salary, but I was only recognizing the short-term benefits. My mother encouraged me to go back to school to study business administration and we enrolled for classes at McKendree together. My education soon took a hiatus because my work schedule at UPS changed. After a 12 year break, in which I lost both of my parents, married, and became a stepmother and a mother, I got a subtle reminder about the importance of a college education. I have always been a hard worker with awards for outstanding results. I was made aware of a better opportunity at UPS, and I went for it thinking my experiences would speak for themselves; after all, I had proven results. However, once again, the lack of a degree prevented me from getting the job. After this, I picked up where I left off at McKendree, making education my number one priority.

Was there a professor, advisor, or fellow student who made an impression on you or helped you when you were here at McKendree?

The professors have always believed in me. The act of balancing work, school and family is difficult, and yet, these people have made it exciting by sharing their perspectives in business and in life. Their love of education is contagious.

How has your McKendree degree impacted your career and life?

Soon after completing my degree I was promoted to my current position with UPS. Based on my experience, I hope to continue my mother’s legacy by establishing a scholarship in her name. We all need someone to believe in us and when they do we are inspired to use our gifts and contribute back to the world we live in. There is not a day that I walk into class that I do not remember how excited Mom was to learn and how she treated it like an opportunity. She was a selfless, genuine person who loved to see people succeed, and if I could help someone get closer to their degree it would be a wonderful tribute to her.


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