Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice track is for students who wish to pursue careers in the criminal justice field such as law enforcement, corrections, and court services. This program is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge of the workings of the agencies that make up the criminal justice system.

Students in this program will develop a greater understanding of the sociological perspective and the opportunity to develop their sociological imagination, gain a better appreciation of social structure and its effect on social inequalities and the role of intersectionalities on human behavior, develop skills in using sociological theory, research methods and analysis, acquire a greater understanding of the reciprocal relationship between social change and human agency, and engage in applied and experiential learning.

Students majoring in sociology develop a greater appreciation for how society influences individual behavior and an understanding of how societies are structured. Majors develop the skills to think more critically about their own lives and the many social issues confronting us in society today. A sociology major prepares students for graduate school in sociology, social work, and criminal justice in addition to law school and divinity school. Our graduates pursue many different career opportunities including social services, criminal justice, community organizing, health care administration, and urban planning among others.




General Education Courses

Sociology Major Requirements: 25 credits

SOC 150 - Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)

SOC 270 - Social Problems (3)

SOC 360 - Race & Ethnic Relations (3)

SOC 400 - Sociological Theory (4)

SOC 496 - Methods of Social Research (4)

SOC 498 - Sociological Analysis (4)

MTH 170 - Statistics (4)

Criminal Justice Track Requirements: 18 credits

SOC 170 - Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)

SOC 220 - Juvenile Delinquency (3)

SOC 230 - Police & Urban Society (3)

SOC 235 - Correctional Institutions (3)

SOC 371 - Sociology of Deviance (3)

SOC 401 - Social Psychology (3)


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