The Teaching for Excellence Workshops are offered each August, January, and May.

The August and January workshops are the Tuesday before classes start and the May workshop is the week after grades are due.  Please visit the past and current agendas to see the topics. 

Fall 2017 Engagement Teaching Workshop Agenda

Spring 2018 Engagement Teaching Workshop Agenda

Fall 2018 Responsibility Teaching Workshop Agenda

Each fall a voluntary "Teaching Circles" program is offered where groups of faculty can visit each other's classes and meeting to discuss pedagogical issues.

Each spring a voluntary "Teaching Book Study" program is offered where small groups of faculty meet to discuss a teaching themed book.

Each May the Teaching for Excellence focuses on "Closing the Loop" with best practices in assessment. 

Spring 2018 Closing the Loop Assessment Workshop Agenda


Every May the Academic Affairs Office offers a "Make It McKendree" Boot Camp. During the camp faculty spend three days transforming a class to include more active learning, technology, and signature assignments.

Boot Camp fun picture

Make It McKendree Boot Camp