Student Transfer Policy

McKendree University Athletic Training Program

Policy on Admission of Transfer Students

Students wishing to transfer to McKendree University and the athletic training program must apply for the program and submit to the same selection process as other candidates. Transfer student must have their transcript evaluated by the Registrar’s Office and the Curriculum Director. Acceptance of transfer pre-requisite coursework is subject to the approval by the Curriculum Director pending review of content (appropriate syllabus, proficiencies, etc.).

Other courses may be counted toward the degree requirements for athletic training; however, every student (freshman or transfer) must take the following courses at McKendree University in order to qualify for our major in athletic training:

ATH 230: First Standardized Clinical Exam

ATH 250: Evaluation and Assessment of Lower Extremity and Lumbar Spine

ATH 250A: Evaluation and Assessment I Clinical

ATH 251: Evaluation and Assessment of Upper Extremity, Head and C-Spine

ATH 251A: Evaluation and Assessment II Clinical

ATH 261: Therapeutic Modalities

ATH 262: Therapeutic Rehabilitation

ATH 263: Therapeutic Rehabilitation Application Techniques

ATH 300: Case Studies in Athletic Training

ATH 315: General Medical Clinical

ATH 330: Second Standardized Clinical Exam

ATH 335: Athletic Training Comprehensive Knowledge Exam I

ATH 370: Athletic Training Comprehensive Knowledge Exam II

ATH 402: Football Clinical

ATH 430: Third Standardized Clinical Exam

ATH 404: Research Topics in Athletic Training

ATH 490: Seminar in Athletic Training

Prospective students who wish to transfer their clinical experience from another institution to McKendree University may do so only if they pass the proficiency exams required for each clinical course for which they are seeking credit. The 1200 clinical experience hours’ requirement may be pro-rated if the student’s previous clinical experiences were supervised according to the standards of the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (not to exceed 200 hours).