Athletic Training Admission Procedures

Application to the Athletic Training Program is a separate admission process after acceptance to the university. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION TO THE PROGRAM IS APRIL 1st.

Admission is made at the end of the Spring semester each year. Students generally enter as a sophomore; however, transfer student admission is possible. Students wishing to transfer to McKendree University and the Athletic Training Program must apply for the program and submit to the same selection process as other candidates. Transfer students must have their transcript evaluated by the Registrar and the Program Director. Acceptance of transfer pre-requisite coursework is subject to the approval of the Program Director pending review of content (appropriate syllabus, proficiencies, etc.).

Application pre-requisites:

Application form DUE APRIL 1ST (Athletic Training Application).

Three recommendations: 2 from faculty who have had the student in class (non ATP faculty) and 1 personal recommendation (not immediate family) DUE APRIL 1ST (Faculty Recommendation and Personal Recommendation).

Technical Standards Form DUE APRIL 1ST (Technical Standards).

Current GPA of 3.00 and an accumulative GPA of 2.75.

Complete the following four courses with a grade of B or better: HPE 158 Health, PED 206 First Aid (all applicants must provide a copy of ARC CPR/PR/AED, First Aid, Emergency Oxygen and Epipen cards), ATH 208 Principles of Athletic Training and BIO 308 or 309 Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Complete 35 hours of observation through ATH 100 (all applicants must provide a copy of BPT card).

Complete an interview with the Athletic Training Selection Committee.