Spanish Minor

Adding a Spanish minor to your major program at McKendree will prepare you for a wide variety of career options, from business to social work to public relations.  The Spanish minor will provide you with fluency in the Spanish language and an appreciation for the many Spanish-speaking cultures you will encounter throughout your professional career.  The curriculum emphasizes understanding and appreciation of Spanish-speaking persons, cultures, and histories, which will enhance your ability to communicate in an appropriate and culturally sensitive manner with a diverse Spanish-speaking population across the globe. 




Program Highlights


Highlights of the Spanish minor program include:


  • Developing Spanish fluency (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)

  • Gaining an understanding of and appreciation for the rich diversity of Spanish-speakers’ variety of language, cultures and histories

  • Enhancing language awareness in general as well as a better understanding of English grammar

  • Demonstrating further cultural and linguistic competency and understanding through a study abroad immersion, if applicable




Minor Requirements


  • 18 credit hours

  • SPA 101, 102, and 220 must be completed with a grade of C or higher

  • Course Requirements




Employment Opportunities


Your Spanish minor will prepare you for a U.S. job market where Spanish fluency is increasingly in demand and for a world that is economically interdependent and culturally diverse.  The Spanish program will prepare you to communicate with Spanish-speakers in both professional and personal settings, emphasizing understanding and appreciation of Spanish-speaking persons, cultures, and histories.  These skills are beneficial in many different careers, from business to medical to social work.



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