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Spanish Degree

Learn practical skills to communicate in a foreign language and understand significant components of world culture.

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The mission of the Spanish program  is to prepare students for a U.S. job market where Spanish fluency is increasingly on demand and for a world that is economically interdependent and culturally diverse. The Spanish program prepares students to communicate with Spanish-speakers in professional and personal settings. The curriculum emphasizes understanding and appreciation of Spanish-speaking persons, cultures and histories, which enhances culturally sensitive and appropriate communication with a diverse Spanish-speaking population across the globe.

With the additional global studies track, students will learn how the world works today, as it is becoming a smaller place through the interaction of its human community, including movement of goods, migration of people, spread of technologies, and mixing of cultures (see catalog).

In addition, studies show that students studying a foreign language are better test takers and gain a better overall language awareness and understanding of the English grammar.

Want to be successful in the educational and professional career? Study Spanish at McKendree!

McKendree offers Chinese and French regularly! So keep an eye open for those courses!

All foreign language courses count towards the Cross-Cultural requirement.




Why a B.A. Degree in Spanish?

Do you enjoy immersing yourself in other cultures and interacting with people whose background is different from your own? The bachelor’s degree in Spanish gives you the opportunity to communicate with people from other cultures in professional and personal settings. Today, more than ever, Spanish fluency is on demand in the job market as the Hispanic population rapidly increases in the United States and the world becomes more economically interdependent.




Photo of Holman LibraryAbout the Spanish Major

The B.A. in Spanish is found under the Division of Humanities and is geared toward the practical usage of the language, as well as an understanding of the Spanish-speaking culture. Unlike most Spanish programs, McKendree’s curriculum does not focus heavily on a study of Spanish literature. Instead, we aim to provide you with real-world skills to communicate in the language while teaching significant components of culture to help you better understand the diverse backgrounds of Spanish-speaking people across the globe.

2020-2021 Program Catalog

A minor in Spanish is also available.




Photo of McKendree's Entryway MonumentWhy McKendree?

McKendree University provides you with interactive learning opportunities through our small class sizes, experienced faculty, and unique internship experiences that move you beyond the classroom. We are committed to your success in the degree programs we offer, the internships and extracurricular activities that will set you apart, and the college experience you’ll get here. Just 25 minutes from downtown St. Louis, Missouri, McKendree University is located in historic Lebanon, Illinois, and affords students a host of enriching cultural, career, and entertainment opportunities.



Program Highlights


  • A Spanish curriculum that keeps in mind your practical and professional needs in the language

  • Study Abroad programs in many Spanish-speaking countries like Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Chile

  • Highly interactive courses give you the chance to interact with Spanish speakers from different countries through technology




Photo of McKendree Seal MarkerEmployment Opportunities

Graduates in Spanish find careers in translation and interpretation, education, and international business. They are often hired by government agencies, international organizations such as the United Nations, and non-profit organizations.




What Our Students & Alumni Are Saying


Quotation GraphicThe Spanish program at McKendree was incredibly tailored towards what we as students wanted to learn. While there were set classes to take, the Spanish faculty provided us with opportunities to voice our opinions one what topics we wanted to cover, whether it be which country, cultural aspect, or political issue. The program is built to improve each part of learning a language, and challenges students to engage in a foreign language that we had never thought was possible before. Because of McKendree’s excellent program and faculty, I can now confidently read entire books in Spanish with complete comprehension, converse with native speakers from all over the world, and effectively articulate my ideas in writing and in conversation. The program also highly encourages international engagement, and the faculty works hard to help students study abroad and learn about the international community."

~ Andrew Wagner ’17, Recipient of the Lincoln Laureate 2019, English Teaching Assistant in Tokyo, Japan.



Quotation Graphic

I am unbelievably thankful that I decided to add on a minor in Spanish during my time at McKendree. The program’s curriculum is built so that by the time you graduate, you’d feel wholly confident being dropped in the middle of a Spanish-speaking country and would be able to communicate with ease.  I found myself genuinely excited for the conversation classes, and this was mainly thanks to the program’s small size. Classes in the Spanish program at McKendree don’t feel like the impersonal language classes that the majority of people are accustomed to. You’ll quickly find, as I did, that the students and faculty of the Spanish program will not only help you to communicate in another language, they will be rooting for your success both during your time at McKendree and after.”

~ Maximilian Aviles ’17, Recipient of the Pickering Fellowship,  Foreign Service Officer, State Department, D.C.


Quotation Graphic

My favorite part of McKendree’s Spanish program was the diversity of topics covered. On top of practicing fundamentals, such as grammar and conversation, we also spent time studying contemporary women writers, gender issues in Hispanic countries, Latin American history, and the current situation of Spanish-speaking immigrants in the U.S.”

~ Victoria Cook ’15, Graduate Student in Spanish at Saint Louis University’s Madrid Campus in Madrid, Spain

Quotation GraphicMcKendree's Spanish program did a lot to help me in my career as a foreign language teacher. Not only did the program help me learn Spanish, but it also showed me different methods and styles of language teaching. The Spanish program has an emphasis on discussion in classes. This was a fun and useful way for me to apply the language we learned and built a community around the Spanish class. This is what I think makes McKendree special. The classes are small so you are able to know your classmates and professor. This is especially useful in a foreign language. Everyone gets a change to contribute to the class multiple times and the professor can identify specific problems each student has and is able to address them”

~ Meghan Birdsong ’14, ESL Teacher in Santiago, Chile




Interesting Courses


  • Language Experience in a Spanish Speaking Country

  • Spanish/Latin American Films

  • Advanced Business Spanish




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