Public Relations Studies Minor

The public relations studies program at McKendree University provides you with the opportunity to gain the understanding, skills, and experience necessary to engage in public relations.  The public relations studies minor emphasizes the fundamental elements of public relations, writing, and media relations, while preparing you for a career in public relations and other related communication fields.  This program is also beneficial as a foundation for graduate studies in public relations and communication studies. 




Program Highlights


Highlights of the public relations minor program include:


    • Developing the skills and tools you need to:

      • write logically, clearly, persuasively, and precisely on a professional level

      • engage in communication research, with a basic understanding of both qualitative and quantitative strategies

      • develop, deliver, and critique effective oral presentations

      • demonstrate high levels of interpersonal competence

      • apply public relations theory to historic and contemporary public relations cases

      • demonstrate sound ethical problem solving and decision making

      • assemble a collection of public relations materials appropriate for display in a professional portfolio




Minor Requirements





Employment Opportunities


Public relations specialists aim to generate a positive image for their client, including maintaining relationships with media professionals, developing campaigns, creating print and web-based materials, writing speeches, and managing digital media.  Career opportunities in public relations include media relations, employee relations, public affairs, political campaigning, marketing communications, event planning and fund-raising, among many others.  The courses you will enroll in during your time in the public relations studies program emphasize theory, writing, public speaking, interpersonal communication, problem solving, and organizational skills, providing you a sound foundation of skills to rely upon as you enter the workforce.



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