Journalism Minor

Journalism practices and the media landscape regularly undergo major changes. Despite radical transformations, writing and researching skills remain the two core skills required to create excellent journalism. That is why they are at the heart of McKendree’s journalism minor.

Throughout your journey, you'll develop a strong understanding of communication theory, media ethics, and the legal issues that arise when covering the news. You'll also receive solid training in media design.

2020-2021 Program Catalog



Program Highlights

Involvement with the Student Newspaper - The McKendree Review

• Online Radio Outlet - McK Radio

• University Communications Operations - University Communications & Marketing

• Internship Programs (locally and in the St. Louis area) - Career Services

• Other On-Campus Opportunities




The journalism minor will prepare you to become a proficient and ethical professional in a wide variety of media and related career opportunities. You'll learn to write well-developed articles for internet, newspaper, magazine, and other outlets. You'll also learn the editing, revising, and researching skills required of media professionals.



Key Faculty


Gabe ShapiroGabriel Shapiro, M.A.

Assistant Professor
Carnegie Hall 104
(618) 537-6946




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