Organizational Communication Minor

One of the most widely sought skills in organizations today is the ability to communicate effectively.  Meeting the communication challenges of organizations requires an understanding of an expanded body of knowledge related to individual behaviors, group behaviors and the organizational context within which these behaviors occur.   With an organizational communications minor, you will develop a theoretical base on which to build problem-solving, organizational strategies, listening, rhetorical sensitivity, confidence, and presentational skills.  These skills translate directly to the workforce, as research reveals mastery of communication skills can contribute directly to a successful job performance. 




Program Highlights


Highlights of the organizational communication minor program include:


  • The blending of traditional disciplines of business and speech communication to meet contemporary organizational communication needs

  • Organizational communication represents one of the most rapidly expanding fields of study going into the twenty-first century

  • Experience “on-the-job” training in an internship designed to broaden your experience beyond the classroom




Minor Requirements


  • 24 credit hours

  • Select any six core courses and two elective courses

  • Minor must be completed with a minimum of a 2.25 cumulative GPA




Employment Opportunities


The hands-on experience and in-class training you will receive while completing your organizational communications minor will help you to stand out in the workforce.  Courses such as Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Behavior, and Business and Professional Presentations will provide vital training and experience to prepare you for your career and ensure your professional success.



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