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Marching Bearcat Band

"Hail to thee our dear old McKendree; may we always loyal be. It's a song of praise we raise to thee Alma Mater, dear Old M.C. May we ever hold thee true and wise and right; honor purple and the white. And for victory we'll always FIGHT 'till we win for Old M-C-K! - - - - M-C-K!" ~ McKendree University Fight Song

About the Marching Band

Formed in the late 1990s, the McKendree Marching Bearcat Band has become a fixture at athletic events as well as the entire campus community. The Marching Bearcat Band performs during the pre-game and halftime shows at McKendree football games, entertains high school students at the annual "Preview of Champions" marching band contest, and keeps the crowd pumped during the basketball season. In addition, the Marching Bearcat Band performs an annual fall concert, and participates in many other campus and local area celebrations.

For more information about the McKendree Marching Bearcat Band and auditions, please contact David Boggs, Director of Athletic Bands at 618-537-6492 or or by visiting the Department of Music Admission website.

Athletic Bands at McKendree University

Tentative dates will be removed as our performance schedule is finalized. At this point we have five solid commitments with five home games and our Preview of Champions show.  We may have an away game, may be invited to another competition to perform as the guest marching band or may host a 2nd marching band competition exclusively for smaller bands.  At this point we do not project performing on more than seven Saturdays in the fall.   This calendars is current as of May 2, 2012!


1) Rehearsals are held from 3:00-5:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Friday rehearsals MAY run a little late.

2) Game day rehearsals are held approximately 4-5 hours prior to the kick-off. These rehearsals typically run 2 hours.

3) We try to take off a few Fridays throughout the semester when we can. These will be announced the week prior but are finalized the rehearsal prior based upon how well we are doing in rehearsals. 

Purple & White Pep Bands

The Purple and White Pep Bands are made up of all the woodwind and brass members of the MBB along with several rhythm section members. The MBB splits into two groups based upon equal instrumentation and perform at almost all home basketball games. The game schedule is usually released at the end of September. Fall semester commitment is usually about six games per band in November and early December. Spring semester this year included four double-header Saturday games for the Purple Pep Band and three double-header Thursday games and one single Tuesday game for the White Pep Band. All members report for the conference play-off which take place in early March. The full band may travel away for National Tournament play-offs. Total spring semester commitment including play-offs this year was approximately 25-27 hours not including the national tournament.


Current MBB Students

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