Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities create and extend student learning opportunities outside of the classroom that heighten student intellectual and personal growth. Living Learning Communities are purposeful attempts to integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences that complement and extend classroom learning. These communities foster faculty and resident interaction that enhances both intellectual and personal growth of the residents. Each community area of interest is structured so students have a high degree of involvement in its formation.

Living Learning Offerings


    1.) Arts in Relation to the Student (ARTS) - Possible experiences include:

•   Attendance at Hett performances followed by discussion

•   Access to performers before or after shows at the Hett

•   Workshops in the lounge (film review, art instruction, music appreciation, photography, etc.)

•   Sponsored trips to local performances

•   In-hall projects (murals, photo displays/contests, poetry readings, original plays, etc.)

•   Student developed theatre performance

     2.) Students for Social Justice (SSJ) - Possible experiences include:

•   Wide variety of programs dealing with diversity issues, such as race, gender, privilege/socio-economic class, sexual orientation, age, ability and disability, and creed

•   Volunteer opportunities within Lebanon and St. Louis 

•   Discussions with Faculty and Staff on key issues 

•   Service projects partnered with other campus organizations and departments