What is McKendree's residency requirement?

What is McKendree’s visitation policy?

What is McKendree’s alcohol policy?

Are cable, internet, and telephone services provided?

Are there laundry facilities on-campus?

How to residents receive their mail?

Do residents have to buy renter’s insurance?

What should I bring?

What are the microwave and refrigerator wattage suggestions?

Are residents required to purchase a meal plan?

When will room assignments be made?

What are the policies on decorating and furnishing my room?



What is McKendree's residency requirement? (Top)

It is the policy of the University to require students to reside in the residence halls unless one of the circumstances listed below applies.  Primary goals for this policy are to extend the college educational experience for students and to create a residential community.  Residence hall staffs work with students toward making the residence halls an attractive place to live in order to facilitate student growth and development.  Each hall develops its own sense of identity and community spirit which becomes an integral part of the overall campus living environment.

To be exempt from the residency policy, the student, at the beginning of the term for which the exemption is desired, must be:

1.   21 years of age and senior class status, or

2.   Married, or have custodial care for dependent children, or

3.   A veteran with at least two years active military duty, or

4.   Commuting from the permanent residence of a parent or legal guardian. Permanent residence must be within a 30-mile radius of the College.


A student must complete the Application to Waive Residency prior to July 1st to waive residency for the Fall Semester and prior to December 1st to waive residency for the Spring Semester.

Residence Life recommends that before making the decision to reside off-campus that you speak with a Financial Aid counselor as there may be an adjustment to your financial aid package.

Residence Hall Contracts are on-going, continuous, and binding.  Returning students are expected to request their rooming preference on an annual basis and should understand that until they are officially released from the residency requirement they are bound by the provisions of their initial contract.  Exemptions are cited above and require the student to file the official "Residency Requirement Waiver" form which may be downloaded from the Office of Residence Life website.  Residents should not consider themselves released from this policy requirement prior to receiving written approval from the Dean of Students.

General rules and regulations governing residence on campus are included in the residence hall section of the Student Handbook, which is available on the McKendree website.  It is assumed that students submitting a Residence Hall Contract understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations which govern campus residency, particularly as they apply to McKendree’s status as an alcohol-free campus and to its inter-hall visitation program.

What is McKendree’s visitation policy?

Guests of the opposite sex are allowed in the halls between 10:00 a.m. and Midnight Sunday through Thursday, and between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.  Guests of the same sex are allowed to visit at anytime.  All guests must be registered with the Office of Residence Life.

What is McKendree’s alcohol policy?

Students are not allowed to possess or consume any alcoholic beverage on McKendree property.

Are cable and Internet services provided?

Yes!  All rooms have cable and Internet services.  Residents are responsible for providing their own computers, Ethernet cords, televisions, and cable cords.

Are there laundry facilities on-campus?

Yes, there are laundry facilities in each of our residence halls.  Prices for the laundry machines vary based on how big of a laundry load the machine can wash or dry.

How do residents receive their mail?

U.S. Mail and Campus-originated mail is sorted and delivered Monday through Friday.  Suites residents pick up their mail at the Communications Center, Eisenmayer Hall.  If you are expecting a package in the mail, please provide Printing and Mail Services a phone number at which you can be reached.  Packages will be held in Printing and Mail Services for ten business days.  Packages not picked up by then will be returned.  Students are not permitted access to any other mailbox except their own, and they must utilize their keys to access their mail. Students must not misplace others' mail, including their roommates'. Opening another person's mail, or tampering or mishandling the mail is a criminal offense! For other information about mail services, please click here.

Do residents have to buy renter’s insurance?

It is highly recommended that residents buy renter’s insurance.  McKendree is not responsible for any damaged, stolen, or lost items.

What should I bring?

Each student is provided a bed, dresser, desk, chair, and wardrobe (if necessary). The New Residence Halls are furnished with four seats and a coffee table.  McKendree no longer provides microwaves or refrigerators to students in Barnett, Baker, Walton, or the New Residence Halls.

Here is a suggested list of items to bring:



Power Strip

Extra Long Twin Sheets

Alarm Clock




Small Trash Can

Mattress Pad


Laundry Detergent

Area Rug



Shower Shoes


Shower Caddy

Light Bulbs

Cleaning Supplies

Small Refrigerator (one per room)


Microwave (one per room)

Here is a list of things NOT to bring:

Guns, Knives, Air Soft Guns, Any Other Weapons


Space Heater

Halogen Lamps

Hot Plate

Very Big Stereos


George Foreman Grills




What are the microwave and refrigerator wattage suggestions? (Top)

McKendree suggests that residents in Baker, Barnett, Walton, and The Suites use no more than 1200 watts on the low receptacles (the outlet used for microfridges). Due to this limitation, we recommend refrigerators and microwaves running on a total of 900 watts. Rooms are limited to one refrigerator and one microwave.  Full size refrigerators are not allowed. 


Are residents required to purchase a meal plan? (Top)

All students living on campus, with the exception of McKendree West residents, must purchase a meal plan.  McKendree offers a variety of meal plans to suit every type of student. Please refer to 2011-2012 rates for a listing of meal plans and costs.

When will room assignments be made?

Space is granted on a first come, first served basis.  You will be eligible for housing placement only after your housing file is complete in the Office of Residence Life.

You must have submitted all of the following items to have a completed housing file: 


•   A completed Housing Application with Housing & Meal Plan Contract

•   Class Registration

•   A $400 non-refundable deposit allocated to tuition and housing

Based on the answers you provide on your housing application, we do our best to match you with a compatible roommate in the residence hall you indicate as your first choice.  Since space is granted on a first come, first served basis, it is best to complete your housing application early.

Housing placement letters, which inform you of your room assignment and roommate, are emailed in mid July.

What are the policies on decorating and furnishing my room?

The college provides basic furnishings for all residence halls, which may include a bed, desk, chair, closet or armoire, and dresser or drawer chest. Some facilities include other furnishings. Rooms in McKendree West and in the Suites are carpeted. Students are encouraged to bring additional decorations and furnishings with consideration for the following guidelines:

1.   Furnishings provided by the college may not be removed from residence hall rooms/apartments. Storage space is not available for these items. Furnishings that are attached to the walls may not be separated and moved. Waterbeds are not permitted. Additionally, beds may not be lofted or bunked without the approval of the Resident Director.

2.   Students should exercise caution when furnishing rooms with valuable items such as televisions, stereos, and video games. These items attract theft. Students should also understand that the college may require students to remove sound equipment if it is used improperly and disturbs others.

3.   Any electrical appliances must be UL-approved. Portable space heaters, toaster ovens or toasters, halogen lamps or lights, or any other devices containing open heating elements are prohibited due to fire code restrictions.  In operating appliances, students must utilize only power strips. No outlet splitters or other extension cords are allowed. All light fixtures are equipped with light bulbs but students must supply their own replacement light bulbs as needed.

4.   In decorating rooms, students should refrain from putting nails or screws into the walls or doors. Students should also refrain from utilizing contact paper and other adhesives that destroy painted surfaces. Mounting putty is the preferred and acceptable medium for hanging posters and other decorations.

5.   Due to fire code restrictions, incense, fuel-burning lamps, and candles are prohibited in the residence halls.  Smoking is also prohibited in each residence hall.