The property of the Lower Deneen Center (The Lair) is intended for the educational support of the university mission.  Leadership, personal and professional development, citizenship, and social responsibility of the campus community all play a vital role in the development of a successful Student Union.


Smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings.


Proper dress is expected.  Shirts and shoes are required.

Game Room Policy

  • Equipment can be checked out at the information desk with a valid McKendree University ID or driver’s license only - NO Exceptions.  You may not borrow another student's ID to use equipment.
  • Foul language and profanity is prohibited.
  • No external music sources (cell phones, iPods, computers, etc.) should be played in The Lair without the approval from the Director of Campus Activities.  Music may be played at a low level and must be free of any explicit language.  Music requested to be played through the existing music channels at The Lair must be authorized by staff.
  • Only one set of equipment can be checked out per card.
  • Only a Lair Equipment Desk worker is allowed to remove game equipment or return it back to storage.
  • Flyers may be posted on the bulletin boards or the display case.  Table tents may be posted on tables with the permission of the Director of Campus Activities.
  • All tables and equipment must be used in an appropriate manner (ie: No sitting, leaning, or standing on tables, no horse playing with the pool cues (trick shots) or any other game equipment).  Violators of this rule will be asked to leave immediately.  Cost to replace pool table felt is $170.
    • Those damaging equipment will be required to pay for damage resulting from misuse of equipment and privileges may be revoked for intentional damage.  Report accidental damage to the Equipment Desk immediately.
    • Pool tables are not to be moved.  If an individual or organization moves the tables without approval, there will be a $200 fine assessed.
    • Table usage time is limited to 1/2 hour if others are waiting to play.  The desk attendant may at his/her discretion limit play if beyond 1/2 hour.
  • The person who checks out the game equipment is responsible for its care and must remain in the game room while the equipment is in use. Game equipment must be returned in the same condition upon checkout or a damage fee may be assessed.  Patrons may be subject to disciplinary action as outlined by the Campus Regulations and Judicial Procedures Document found in the Student Handbook.

Items available for check out include:

Game Tables

  ·   (2) Pool Tables

  ·   (1) Dart Board

  ·   Ping Pong Table

Video Game Consoles

  ·   Sony Playstation

  ·   Sony Playstation 2

  ·   NES/SNES console

  ·   Nintendo Wii

  ·   X-Box 360 with Kinect

Board Games

  ·   Apples to Apples

  ·   (2) Battle of the Sexes

  ·   Bingo

  ·   Chess

  ·   Chinese Checkers

  ·   Clue

  ·   Cramium

  ·   Deck of Cards

  ·   Dominoes

  ·   Jenga

  ·   Life

  ·   Mad Gab

  ·   Minute to Win It

  ·   Quelf

  ·   Pictionary

  ·   Scattergories

  ·   Scrabble

  ·   Scene-It

  ·   Scene-It (ESPN)

  ·   (3) Taboo

  ·   (2) Trivial Pursuit

  ·   Yahtzee


Additional Regulations

•   Only Lair Equipment Desk staff are permitted behind the counter.

•   Lair staff have the right to ask a customer to leave the facility. Failure to comply with the request may result in disciplinary action as outlined by the Campus Regulations and Judicial Procedures Document found in the Student Handbook or Office of Public Safety involvement.

•   Personal items (books, bags, purses, etc.,), food, and drinks should not be placed on or around game room tables.

•   The snack bar does not provide change without a purchase.

•   Gambling and betting prohibited in the Deneen Center. This includes video games.  Violators of this rule will be asked to leave the premises and disciplinary action as outlined by the Campus Regulations and Judicial Procedures Document found in the Student Handbook will be assessed.

•   Video game play is limited to 2 hours maximum if others are waiting to play.

•   The phone is for employee use only. 

•   All non-McKendree University members (guests) must be accompanied by a currently enrolled McKendree University student to enter.  Guests may also be accompanied by McKendree University faculty or staff members.  Children under 13 that are not part of a McKendree University program must be supervised at all times.  All guests are required to leave The Lair when their McKendree University host leaves.

Meeting Rooms, Tables & Chairs

•   Tables and Chairs are available to McKendree University registered student organizations and campus departments for use.

•   To reserve the Lair, the Event Registration form must be filed and approved by Operations (located in 2nd floor Pearsons Hall). The form (Microsoft Excel) can be found online by clicking here.

•   Those using the Lair are responsible for disposing of all trash in the room. Failure to clean after an event may result in revoked privileges.

•   In the event that a meeting or scheduled event is being held in the Lair, the games may be unavailable.

Equipment Rental

A sno cone machine, popcorn machine and charcoal grill are available for McKendree University students, campus departments, and Registered Student Organizations at a nominal cost.  Equipment may be rented to be used for on-campus events only.  The Organization/Department borrowing the equipment assumes all liability for the care and operation of the loaned equipment and will be responsible for reimbursement for any damages incurred. 

•   Cost for sno cone machine rental is $20 and includes 100 cups and two sno cone syrup flavors. You are responsible for your own ice. Additional cups may be purchased at 50 for $1.50.

•   The popcorn machine rental is $20 and includes 100 popcorn bags. Students, Departments and Organizations are charged $1.00 per popcorn combination bag. Additional popcorn bags may be purchased at 50 for $1.50.

•   The Lair also has a large, 2' x 5' charcoal grill available for on campus use. Rental fee is only $10.00 however; groups are responsible for their own cooking supplies (charcoal, charcoal lighter fluid, matches and utensils).

•   Equipment must be picked up and returned to the Lair between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Reservations are due one week prior to your event, and payment is due with reservation. Groups returning un-cleaned equipment will incur a $25 cleaning fee.

•   Rental Reservations are made on a first come first served basis.

•   Payments can be made with a check or McKendree RSO or department account number and must be made on the date of pickup.

•   Additional Information may be found on the Equipment Rental Agreement Form.

Other Available Equipment and Services

•   Cash lock boxes

•   Coffee Urns

•   Copy Machine

o   Copy machine usage is reserved for Registered Student Organizations in good standing who have established a McKendree account for their group.

o   Copy machine usage will be billed to the RSO’s account on a monthly basis.

o   RSOs using the copy machine must sign the user’s log before copying.

•   Fax Machine

o   A customer may send or receive a domestic fax at the Campus Activities Office.

o   For international calls, fax service is $1.00 (or $.90) per page for overseas calls plus a $6.00 international call fee or the customer can avoid the international call fee by providing his or her own calling card.

o   Departmental faxes charged to campus accounts are billed at $.15 per page.

o   All faxes sent or received are recorded on the fax log, including the method of payment or departmental account number.

o   Any needed maintenance or problems with the fax machine are coordinated by the Director and/or Lair Staff Manager.

Leadership Development Resources

The Office of Campus Activities is committed to assisting Registered Student Organizations develop strong leadership and effective practices. The Department produces resources to assist students in their leadership abilities in the Registered Student Handbook.  The handbook can be found online and printed copies of these resources are located in the CAB Office. Specific areas of the handbook are also available as standalone handouts.  Topics covered include: The Art of Delegating, Running an Effective Meeting, Fundraising, Recruiting and Retaining Members and more. Student organization members are encouraged to stop by the Resource Center and take a handout for their organization.

Televisions, Furniture, and Game Room Equipment

Furnishings, patio furniture and game room equipment belong to McKendree University and may not be moved within or removed from the building without the expressed approval of the Director of Campus Activities.

Banner Making Supplies

poster kitThe Campus Activities Office has supplies available for organizations to use to paint signs and banners to be hung around campus. Two Chromark Poster Paint Kits are available in the CAB Office.  They are not able to be reserved.  The kits are available on a first-come basis and contain 8 different color wells, (2) pieces of butcher paper (each 48" long), pre-cut string, masking tape, and scissors. The kit is checked-out by individuals or organizations and recorded in the Log kept at the CAB Office. The log requires name, driver’s license or other ID number, organization, and time checked out. Upon return of the supplies, the kit contents are verified by a CAB staff member and a note made if something is missing. The kit return time is recorded in the Log.  Misuse of the supplies may result in charges to replace damaged items.

Additional Guidelines for the Banner Supply Kit

Those using the Banner Supply Kit are allowed two (2) four-foot (48") pieces of butcher paper per organization, per event, free of charge (extra butcher paper can be purchased at a rate of $0.25 per foot). Use of spray paint is prohibited if using the Banner Supply Kit or making banners in the Lair.

Individuals who use the Banner Supply Kit in the Lair are responsible for cleaning their area before leaving. If the area is not cleaned, the individual and the organization which the individual represents will be suspended from use of the Banner Supply Kit for no less than one month.