2008 Spring Break Mission Trip

New Orleans, Louisiana

Mission TripFor Spring Break 2008, Campus Ministries headed to New Orleans for the second time. This year the mission trip was a heartfelt spiritual connection for everyone who was blessed to attend.

McKendree University Mission Team HOPE

About the Trip

Campus Ministries embarked on an amazing adventure to the South over the 2008 Spring Break. After the exciting twelve hour ride they arrived safely in New Orleans, Louisiana. While there they lent a helping hand to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. The members worked diligently on two houses that were damaged. Lacing up their construction boots and putting on their gloves, they did numerous tasks which included; putting up dry wall, painting walls and ceilings, moving furniture, flooring, and even gardening. In doing all of this, they went down there with the purpose of giving hope to a city that deeply needed it. With that mission on hand, they gave themselves the name, Team HOPE.

~ Rosza Brown