Leadership Minor


floorThe Leadership Studies (LDR) minor is designed to provide students an opportunity to develop the complex leadership skills that will allow them to advance and succeed in leadership roles both at the University and beyond. Faculty and students in the minor are committed to the advancemenkirst of leadership studies through education on theoretical and research-based approaches; critical evaluation of leadership styles; group work designed to integrate practical knowledge with classroom concepts; an emphasis on hands-on activities and actual experiences that provide opportunities to apply theory and practices to the field of leadership.



1.   Students must take a total of 18 credit hours.

2.   Students must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or better in courses applied to the minor.

3.   At least six hours must be at the upper division level


Contact Information

Sarah KluckerSarah Klucker, J.D.

Director of Leadership and Student Development
Clark Hall 117
(618) 537-6562


Leadership Studies Minor Requirements

LDR 101          Recognized Leadership (3 crs)

LDR 201          Engaged Leadership  (3 crs)

LDR 301          Adaptive Leadership  (3 crs)


Additional 9 hours from the following:

LDR 470          Lifelong Leadership Internship  (3-8 crs)

MGT 204         Principles of Management (3 crs)

MGT 314         Organizational Behavior  (3 crs)

MGT 354         Management Communications (3 crs)

PSY/SOC 401   Social Psychology  (3 crs)

PSY 405           Industrial/Organizational Psychology  (3 crs)

PED 202           Psychology of Coaching  (3 crs)

SPC 200           Small Group Communication (3 crs)

SPC 210           Argumentative Communication (3 crs)

SPC 310           Business and Professional Presentations (3 crs)

SPC 351           Organizational Communication (3 crs)

SPC 353           Intercultrual Communication (3 crs)

STA 800           Study Abroad

LDR 280-289   Special Topics in Leadership

LDR 380-389   Special Topics in Leadership

Other courses as announced each semester.