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McKendree University teaches students that Leadership is about more than just being involved in student groups and organizations, it's about working with others to create positive change for the greater good.  Leadership development is a priority at McKendree as we seek to help our students become people who will Make Their Mark on the world around them, wherever they go. 

From participation in Emerging Leaders to completion of a Leadership Minor upon graduation, there are so many avenues through which students can develop their leadership potential at McKendree.  For more information on the many ways in which our students are developing into the leaders of tomorrow, please contact us in our office.


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The Leadership Studies Minor is designed to complement your major or degree program and prepare you to be leaders in a company, organization, graduate/professional school and/or your community upon graduation.  The Leadership Studies Minor gives you the tools you need to stand out as a leader among employers and peers.

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Emerging and Advanced Leaders are  programs that help develop student leaders in fun and dynamic ways.  Emerging Leaders learn from a variety of campus and community leaders about key leadership practices and participate in leadership retreats, workshops and conferences.  Once students complete one year of emerging leaders they can be invited to be a part of advanced leaders, where they will help other students learn these same tools and grow their individual leadership strengths!

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Members of Emerging and Advanced Leaders had the opportunity to participate in Disney's College Leadership program in the spring!  They also participated in a St. Louis wide college leadership conference and a weekend leadership retreat, complete with ropes challenges and a bonfire!  Check out Kati's blog to hear about her experiences with leadership and disney's college program.