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This program is designed for students who are interested in a fun and exciting way to tap into their leadership potential and fine tune their leadership skills.  Students are provided with opportunities to discover and develop their capacity to lead through  various workshops throughout the semester as well as leadership retreats, leadership conferences and many other engaging and dynamic opportunities.  Topics and formats may vary, but are all interactive and something that campus leaders won't want to miss!retreat

Who is an Emerging Leader?

Any McKendree University undergraduate student who has a commitment to improving their leadership skills to benefit their organization, team or community.

How will the Emerging Leaders program benefit me?

1.   Deeper understanding of your strengths, leadership abilities and style.

2.   Opportunity to meet and interact with peers who also have a strong commitment to leadership.

3.   Learn new leadership skills and how to implement those in your organizations and individual relationships.

4.   Participate in service to the community and explor
e methods for effecting positive, lasting change on campus and beyond.  

How do I get involved?

Applications will be available in the Fall of 2015.  

Please contact our office for more information!

For More Information

Sarah KluckerSarah Klucker

Director of Leadership & Student Development
(618) 537-6562
Clark Hall 117