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Complete handbook, schedule, menu will be sent out after registration payments have been received.

Date: February 17th of 2018

Location: McKendree University Hettenhausen Center for the Arts




Pre-registration is required for this event due to limited space availability. Selected registrants will be notified vie email and/or phone by October solidifying their spot in the Competition. All finances are tentatively due by February 1st.

Fees:  $300 per choir and $25 per soloist

Performance Time:  30 minutes (includes setup and breakdown)




Tentative Divisions

 Divisions will be determined by the group size. After all groups competing have been finalized, the new Tier levels will be decided. The following is a basic example of a Tier level.  

Group 1 - Tier I - Group Size 40 - 30

Group 2 - Tier II - Group Size 29 - 20

Group 3 - Tier III - Group Size 19 - 0



Special Performance Notes

*Stunning Theater and Stage*

*Professional Sound Technicians and Stage Crew*

*University Food and Beverage*

*Superb Judging Staff*

*Phenomenal Written Critique*