Audition Information

The McKendree University Show Choir Program is always looking for new performers to add to our family!

If you sing, dance, or play any instrument, we are looking for your talent! 

Graduating Seniors

For those in their senior year of High School, we invite you to join us for the exciting Show Choir Experience Preview Day.  On Sunday, February 19th, we invite all interested students and parents to join us and watch an open practice.  Following practice, we invite all students to be able to stay over-night with some of our show choir members.  On Monday, you will then be able to join our fantastic Admissions crew for a beautiful Preview Day.


You will be able to meet with your Admissions and Financial Aid Counselor, audition for the Show Choir Program and receive a personal tour of the University.


If you are unable to attend the Show Choir Experience Preview Day, you may also   Sign Up for a Personal Visit to McKendree University. 


 Audition Requirements

For vocalists, select 1-2 songs of your choice, any genre, and perform your favorite/best excerpt from those selections.  If performing 2 songs, please allow for one song to be a Disney-style song.

For dancers, please provide a video clip (youtube, phone, etc) to showcase any dance potential.  This includes videos of past musical theatre, show choir, etc. 


For instrumentalists, please select 1 song to perform of your choice, any genre.  

Student are free to audition with both live vocals and dance video clips. 



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