Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I conduct research from my home or office?

Yes. If you have internet access, then you can use the research databases from on or off campus.

I can't get this article full-text. Can you get it for me?

Full-text articles can be requested using the “Request Article” form located on the Interlibrary Loan web page.

Are McKendree Alumni allowed to use Holman Library?

McKendree Alumni members have borrowing privileges at Holman Library. Members do not have access to the research databases from off campus.

Does the library have the textbook I need for my class?

Maybe. Textbooks in the Textbook Center collection change each semester. Please contact the library at (618) 537-6950 to find out if we have the book(s) that you need.

How long can I check out books?

Undergraduates - 4 weeks
Staff - 4 weeks
Alumni/Community Members - 4 weeks
Graduates - 16 weeks
Faculty - 16 weeks

What is my Borrower ID (Barcode Number)?

Your Borrower ID is a 14 digit number. It is comprised of the I-Share Institution Number, 2401100 and your student ID number. Please contact the library at (618) 537-6950 if you need assistance determining what your Student ID number is.