Game Consoles - Finding your MAC Address

 Xbox One


1. On the Home screen of your Xbox One, select Settings.

2. Under the Console section, select Network.

3. Select Advanced Settings.

4. The MAC address will be listed next to Wired MAC on the right hand side of the screen.


 Xbox 360


1. In the Xbox Dashboard, go to My Xbox and open System Settings.

2. Select Network Settings, Configure Network.

3. On the Additional Settings tab, select Advanced Settings

4. Select Alternate MAC Address

5. If using a network cable, your MAC address is the 12 characters under "Wired Mac Address

6. If using a wireless connection, select "Wireless Information," your MAC address is the 12 characters after "MAC Address"


 PlayStation 4


1. Turn on the PlayStation 4 without any disk in the drive and wait for the menu to pop up.

2. Navigate to Settings (on the far left).

3. Under the Settings menu, select System.

4. Select System Information. You will see the MAC address listed on this screen.


 PlayStation 3


1. From the Home Menu, go to Settings

2. Select Network Settings

3. Select Settings and Connection Status List

4. Your MAC address will be listed next to the words MAC Address




1. From the Wii Menu select the Wii icon in lower left corner

2. Select Wii Settings

3. Click the arrow to go to the next page of settings.

4. Select Console Information

5. The MAC address will be displayed

 Apple TV


1. From the main menu go to Settings > General > About

2. The MAC address will be listed as Wireless ID.

NOTE: The address can also be found on the UPC label on the bottom of the Apple TV box.