Options Following an Incident

A member of the University community who has experienced a sexual assault and violence whether a rape or another unwanted sexual contact is urged to make an official report to the local police and/or the University’s Public Safety Department.  Whether or not the individual makes an official report, he or she is also urged to seek appropriate help, which may include medical evaluation, obtaining information, support, and counseling, either on or off campus.  The Office of Student Affairs, Health Services and Counseling have staff who are trained to provide support to students following a sexual assault.

Medical Treatment

A person who has experienced a sexual assault and violence is urged to seek appropriate medical evaluation as promptly as possible. 

For life-threatening conditions, call 911

Memorial Hospital, Belleville, IL (618) 233-7750

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Belleville, IL (618) 234-2120

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Highland, IL (618) 651-2600

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Breese, IL  (618) 526-4511

A person who has experienced a sexual assault and violence (particularly rape, forcible oral copulation, or sodomy) is encouraged to request collection of medical-legal evidence.  Collection of evidence entails interaction with police and a police report.  Prompt collection of physical evidence is essential should a person later decide to pursue criminal prosecution and/or civil action.

McKendree University Health & Counseling Services

The University provides nurse-managed student health services on the Lebanon campus.  Health Services provides routine health and first aid treatment, retains student health records, and provides referrals.   The University retains personal licensed counselors who provide confidential counseling for a wide range of concerns.  Health and Counseling Services are located at 513 Stanton Street, Lebanon, Illinois.

Ms. Beth Allan, RN, BSN, CSN, Director of Health Services (618) 537-6503

Ms. Amy Champion, M.Ed., LCPC, Counselor (618) 537-6416

Legal Services

The Illinois Legal Aid website may assist with understanding and obtaining orders of protection and legal services.


Orders of Protection

An individual who has been sexually assaulted may wish to obtain an order of protection, no contact order, restraining order, or similar lawful order issued by a criminal or civil court.  A copy of any order of protection should be given to the Office of Public Safety.  The Office of Public Safety will forward a copy to the Office of Student Affairs if the order involves a student or to the Human Resources Office if the order involves an employee. Directions for obtaining orders of protection will be provided to the complainant.