Peer Tutoring

McKendree Academic Support Center offers free tutoring in specified subjects by peer tutors who have classroom experience with the professors and mastered the courses.  Peer tutors have undergone training as tutors and are recommended by their professors.

To obtain an appointment with a peer tutor, please click on the link below and schedule an appointment with a trained Peer Tutor in the subject needed. 

Tutoring Appointments

Preparation for Tutoring Sessions:

•   Identify problem areas that need clarification before each tutoring session

•   Attend regularly scheduled classes and tutoring sessions

•   Provide peer tutor with a copy of class syllabus

•   Bring textbooks, notes, assignments to tutoring sessions

Interested in becoming a peer tutor?

•   Must have mastered the course in which you would like to tutor

•   Must have received a "B" or higher in the course

•   Must have a GPA of 3.0 or better

•   Must have at least two recommendations by your professors

•   Must have a classification of a Sophomore or higher

•   Must be willing to attend training

•   Must work well with others

If interested, please contact:

Clarissa MelvinClarissa B.H. Melvin

(618) 537-6850