Testing Center

The Testing Center, located on the second floor of Holman Library, room 208, offers scheduled hours to proctor make-up tests and quizzes. The center is a resource for all McKendree students, faculty and staff. The Testing Center strives to be a friendly, safe and ethical environment.

For Students

Before setting up an appointment:

It is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her professor if they have an excused absence and need to make up a test or quiz. Students should speak to their professor or refer to their syllabus.

Setting up an appointment:

After you receive permission from your professors to make up a test or quiz, you may set up an appointment. Once you set up an appointment, PLEASE inform your professor of the day and time for your appointment (preferably through an email).  For more information regarding how to set up and schedule an appointment at the Testing Center, please see: Directions: Scheduling an Appointment at the Testing Center.

There are specific days and times for make-up tests, and although it is our goal to provide various hours of operation, the schedule may not be conducive to your needs. Therefore, if the hours of operation does not work for you, please speak with your professor immediately for alternate arrangements.

Arriving at your appointment:

Testing Center Policies

1. Arrive on time for your appointment.

2. ALL students MUST have their McK Student ID or a government-issued photo ID

3. During the exam, if you have a cell phone, you will place it in a marked-numbered bin at the front of the room behind the proctor’s desk. It will be YOUR responsibility to retrieve your cell phone after the exam.

4. All belongings, including, but not limited to book bags, purses, notebooks, tablets, cups, drinks (bottles, cans, including water, etc), jackets/coats/sweaters, hats, sunglasses, electronics (except cell phones) will be placed at the front of the room beside the proctor’s desk. It will be YOUR responsibility to retrieve your belongings prior to leaving the Testing Center

5. Only materials listed on your Testing Center Log-In Sheet will be allowed at the table during the exam.

6. Please note, you must bring approved testing items to the Testing Center, such as, pencils, pens, calculators, etc.

7. If students require specific resources or material, such as “my professor said we can use notes or our books,” it must be clearly stated on the Testing Center Log In Sheet Test Form and, unless the professor has provided it, students MUST have it during the time of the test.

8. Please note that our staff will proctor the exam; therefore, they will look at you often and may even quietly move around the room. This is to keep the integrity of the Testing Center’s environment.  

9. During the exam, students ARE NOT allowed to leave the Testing Center in order to maintain an ethical environment; however, once the student leaves the Testing Center, the exam ends (unless other arrangements have been requested and granted).

10. Once a student completes his/her exam, she/he will return it to the proctor, retrieve belongings, and exit the center.

11. The proctor will indicate the student’s completion, place the exam and all material in the envelope and return it to the faculty secretary offices in PAC or CAR that same day; however, if offices are closed for the day, tests will be returned next business day.

12. Approximately four weeks before final exam week, a Final Exam Schedule will come out for all students. Please note, you will still need your professor’s permission before scheduling the exam.

Directions: Scheduling an Appointment at the Testing Center         

1.  You must be a registered student with the Disability Services Office with a testing accommodation as part of your Accommodation Plan.

2.  As soon as you are aware of your test date, you must notify your professor that you wish to take the exam with your accommodations.

With the Professor: You may take your exam with accommodations with your professor if the two of you agree upon the arrangements to ensure you receive your accommodations.

For instance, if the professor has office hours, and states that you may take your exam in his/her office after the class because he/she is able to provide the additional time, you may take your exam with the professor. 

Testing Center: You may take your exam at the Testing Center if you schedule in advance or do not need assistance while taking your exam.

There are three ways in order to access the web-based scheduler to set up an appointment:

Schedule your exam

If this is your first time on the system, you Must Register by clicking on “Click here to register.”

If you are returning, just log in the system.

Please note, when selecting a password, you may use your McKendree password or another password, which are all confidential; however, it would be beneficial to use your McKendree email address. 

After typing in your password, go to “Choose a Schedule,” and click on the drop down box; Click on Testing Center.

Now you are ready to “LOG IN”

Once you are in the system, please note:

The white spaces are the available appointments

The yellow spaces are scheduled appointments

The purple spaces are not available

The gray spaces mean the appointment time has expired

For Faculty

Our goal is support the students and you in providing services of the Testing Center; therefore, you are the first line to the process for students to make up tests or quizzes. Students must come to you for and obtain permission to make up his/her test or quiz.

What do I do if a student misses a test or quiz in my class?

If your policy is to allow students to make up tests and quizzes because of an excused absence, we can help. You may do one of the following:

1.  Place a hard copy of the exam/quiz in the Testing Center mailbox along with a Log-In Sheet. The Testing Center mailbox is located in the Faculty Secretary Office (Piper or Carnegie Hall). To obtain a Log-In Sheet, you may click on this: Testing Center Log In Sheet Test Form and print it or you may obtain one from your Faculty Secretary’s office.

You must place the names of all students that are taking the make-up exam as well as place the number of tests in the mailbox for each student.

Please note, if the test is for a student with a disability, please see the link for Disability Services Office.

2.  If you are away from your office, or if it is just more convenient, you may complete Log-In Sheet through our e-Form and upload a digital copy of your test. Once you have completed this, your Faculty Secretary will email you indicating that she received your exam and Log-In Sheet. After your information is processed, the Faculty Secretary will place your Log-In Sheet and exam in the Testing Center mailbox. Testing Center Log In Sheet for Test Form

Please note, the Faculty Secretary will make the same amount of copies as students you have listed on the Log-In Sheet.  

3.  You may decide to allow the student the responsibility to arrange to take his/her make-up test. In this case, after the student approaches you to take the exam, please direct him/her to go to our web-based scheduler and Schedule an Appointment. We suggest that you have the student email or notify you of the time and date of the exam immediately after he/she makes an appointment.  In this way, you will have enough time to submit your exam to the Testing Center mailbox (please see #’s 1 and 2 above).

I have an unexpected situation, and I would like the Testing Center to proctor my pre-scheduled exam in my classroom; is that possible?

Unfortunately, the Testing Center will not be able to proctor any exams unless it is in the actual center. We know that unexpected situations arise; however, the Testing Center does not have the staff to proctor individual classes.

My student reported that he/she took the exam; however, it is not in my mailbox; what is the next step?

The Testing Center has several check-and-balances to ensure professors receive their tests in a timely manner. Tests should return to your mailboxes by the next business day before 4:30pm; however, we do understand that there may be exceptions. If you do not get your test by the next business day before 4:30pm (exam taken at 8:30am on Friday, September 11, return to mailbox no later than Monday, September 14 before 4:30pm ~ exam taken 4:00pm on Wednesday 16, return to in your mailbox no later than Thursday, September 17 before 4:30pm) please follow these steps.

a)  Ensure that you did not accidently pick it up and place it with other paperwork.

b)  Check with Faculty Secretary to see if someone else didn’t accidently pick it up out of your mailbox.

c)  Contact the Coordinator of the Testing Center, Chris Bolesta at 618-210-4397 or by email at cabolesta@mckendree.edu.

My student informs me that none of the Testing Center’s available appointment times works for him/her; what is the next step?

At the Testing Center, we try to provide various hours and days in order for the student to take his/her make-up test. Because we are primarily staffed by students and the coordinator, it is unfortunate that we are unable to provide all day service; therefore, if a student is unable to schedule an appointment during the normal business days, we ask them to make alternative arrangements with his/her professor. If there are extreme circumstances, please contact the Coordinator of the Testing Center, Chris Bolesta at 618-210-4397 or by email at cabolesta@mckendree.edu.

My student is taking a two part exam with one being the conventional paper-based test and the other a different type of test. What steps do I need to take?

If the student is taking an exam that needs additional material, we asked that you please provide it. For instance, if a student is taking a test in which he/she needs to listen to a CD, please provide the CD along with the test and Log-In Sheet. We have a CD player and headphones, and the student will be able to listen to it.

If a student needs to watch a DVR or a video, that may prove to be a bit more challenging. Please contact the Testing Center coordinator at 618-210-4397 or by email at cabolesta@mckendree.edu for assistance.

If a student needs accommodations for a test, please go to our Disability Services Office link under Testing Accommodations for additional help, or call the disability service coordinator at 618-537-6850.

If I need to change the end date for an exam or some other information on my Log-In sheet, what should I do

If for some reason you need to extend the end date on an exam or make other changes on your Log-In Sheet, please email us at Testing_Center@mckendree.edu. Your information will be changed.

What happens to my exams if the student doesn’t take it before the expiration date?

For your convenience and the integrity of the test, a completed form with the expired test will be sent back to you via your mailbox unless you extend the end date for the test.

What should I expect to see on the Log-In Sheet?

Log-in Sheet


Christine A. Bolesta

Testing Center Coordinator
(618) 210-4397