Testing Center


Located in Holman Library, room 208!

Holman Library



The Testing Center, located on the second floor of Holman Library, room 208, offers scheduled hours to proctor make-up tests and quizzes. It is the students’ responsibility to contact their professor if they have an excused absence and need to make up a test. After receiving permission from their professor to make up a test or quiz, the student may set up an appointment, There are specific days and times for make-up tests; therefore if students’ schedules do not coordinate with the available times, they will need to seek the assistance of their professor. After you have scheduled an appointment, it is advised to inform you professor.

To learn more about setting up an appointment at the Testing Center, please click on  Directions for the Testing Center.


Click here for an Appointment for a Make-up Test





Professors, once you have given permission for a student to take a test or quiz in the Testing Center, you may place a hard copy of your test, along with the Log In Sheet, in the Testing Center mailbox, which is located in the Faculty Secretary Office (Piper or Carnegie Hall).  If you are unable to place the hard copy in the mailbox, you may complete an e-Form, see below, and attach/update your test to the Testing Center Log In Sheet.

For further instructions, please look at the Testing Center Instruction Sheet for Faculty.

You may also download and print the Testing Center Log In Sheet Test Form, or if you want to submit your test online, please see link below.


Click here for: Testing Center Log In Sheet for Test Form


If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Christine Bolesta. I look forward to working with you.



Christine A. Bolesta

Testing Center Coordinator