John Watters, Ph.D.

Photo of John Watters, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Economics

Office: Piper Academic Center (PAC) 102

Phone: (618) 537-6406


Ph.D., Economics, University of Missouri (1985)

M.A., Economics, University of Missouri (1978)

B.A., Business Administration, Central Methodist College (1974)

Personal Quote

"The only difference between a rut and a grave is depth."

Business Experience

AT&T / Southwestern Bell / SBC / AT&T - 25 years in the telecom industry building econometric models for forecasting, price elasticities, consumer and business demand analysis and data mining. I used these models for international and domestic corporate mergers and acquisitions, identifying and developing new business opportunities, corporate strategy, marketing and financial planning and sales campaigns.

Research Interests

Discrete choice modeling

Forecast models

Demand, pricing and marketing models and analysis


“Cellular Telephones in the Israeli Market: The Demand, the Choice of Provider and Potential Revenues”, with A. Tishler and R. Ventura, Applied Economics, September 2001, 33(11), pp. 1479-1492.

“A Convenient Test of Functional Form for Pooled Econometric Models,” with A.C. Larson, Empirical Economics, Spring 1993, 18(2), pp. 271-280.

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Measuring the Sales Effectiveness of Artistic Elements in Catalog Photographs: An Econometric Approach”, Spring 2013 Academy of Business Research Conference, March 13-15, 2013, New Orleans LA.

“How Much Would You Pay for Brazil? Using Market Research to Assess International Business Opportunities,” with G.W. Hays, 1998 American Marketing Association Attitude and Behavioral Marketing Research Conference, Scottsdale, AZ , January 1998.

“Demand for Combinations of Telecommunications Services in a Competitive Environment,” 31st Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, Kona, HI , January 1998.

“A Discrete Choice Analysis of Telephone Directory Listings Demand,” with J.S. Chen and R.B. Williamson, 1993 Far Eastern Meeting of the Econometric Society, Taipei, , June 1993.

“An Econometric Model of the Demand for IntraLATA MTS Pricing Plans,” with M.L. Roberson, Fifth Annual Western Conference: Advanced Workshop in Regulation and Public Utility Economics, San Diego, CA, July 1992.

“Comparing Share Equations Estimation Methods: A Telecommunications Usage Demand Application,” with J.S. Chen, 1991 Australasian Meeting of the Econometric Society, Sydney, July 1991.

Teaching Interests

Principles of Economics

Quantitative Methods of Business Analysis


Managerial Economics

Industrial Organization

Professional Interests

Member, American Economic Association

Member, Sigma Beta Delta