Leading the Way: Exploring the Journey of Nurse to CEO

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Presented by Dr. Richelle Rennegarbe and the faculty colloquium committee in PAC 116. A qualitative research study was conducted to explore the role of a registered nurse (RN) serving in the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The exploratory cross-sectional study used a combination of phenomenological, narrative, and life history approach to gain participant data. Twenty-five RNs serving in the role of CEO (100% of RN CEOs within the state of Illinois) were interviewed in 2015. This study garnered the perceptions, attributes, and sociodemographic characteristics of RNs serving in the CEO role. The experiences of RNs in the CEO roles provided themes regarding how participants prepared and succeeded in their role of CEO. This valuable information can be disseminated to nursing leaders who may desire to transition into the role of CEO. The characteristics and experiences of these nurse leaders can provide insight and guide both academia and the healthcare setting by providing RN leaders a greater understanding of the characteristics of these RN CEOs, as well as the challenges they face in that role. This research study has the potential to impact the AONE nurse executive competencies. In addition, this study can impact the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Institute of Medicine (2010) recommendation to “expand opportunities for nurses to lead and diffuse collaborative improvement efforts”.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Dr. Robb VanPutte