Old Main Society of McKendree University

The following persons have indicated that McKendree University is included in their estate plans or is the beneficiary of an insurance policy:

Anonymous (2)

Ms. Judith A. Akers

Mrs. Shirley M. Bailey ’45

Mr. Warren Barty ’65

Mr. George W. Baver ’71

Mr. Robert H. Campbell ’61

Dr. James M. Dennis

Mr. Daniel C. Dobbins ’81 (T) and Mrs. Michaelene Dobbins ’81

Mrs. Donna Dosier ’56

Mr. Henry W. Feldt ’59

Dr. Paul S. Funkhouser ’70 (T)

Mrs. Jean Harris Gard ’48

Mr. Michael F. Gauble ’66 (T) and Mrs. Kay Gauble ’66

Mr. James D. Gisondi ’74 and Mrs. Linda Gisondi

Mrs. Estelle Greenwood

Mrs. Susan L. Harbaugh ’04

Mr. Burnell A. Heinecke ’50

Mr. Michael G. Howie ’71

Dr. and Mrs. Delbert G. Huelskoetter

Mrs. Wilma E. Kennedy ’42

Lt. Col. David Killam, USA, Ret. ’69 and Mrs. Marsha L. Killam

Dr. Thomas W. Kupferer ’76 and Dr. Valerie A. Kupferer

Rev. Lester B. Laur

Dr. Patricia Leemon

Ms. Marion Kleinschmidt Levinsohn ’42

Rev. W. Jack Martin

Ms. Karla M. Morris ’76

Mr. Paul K. Mueth ’59 and Mrs. Shirley Mueth

Mr. Charles H. Murray

Mrs. Joanne Paul ’63

Dr. George E. Pence ’61 and Mrs. Ione K. Pence ’62

Rev. Dr. C. Ray Penn ’70 and Ms. Gretchen Hakola

Mr. Robert B. Porter ’68

Mr. David E. Rawlings ’64

Ms. Lucille J. Sudol

Ms. Dinah L. Tanner ’52

Dr. Valerie L. Thaxton ’76 (T)

Rev. Ralph A. Totten ’53 (T) and Mrs. Jennie L. Totten ’52

Rev. Jack D. Travelstead and Mrs. Jerry Travelstead

Mrs. Jane Weingartner

Mr. David R. Wharton ’85

Ms. Virginia Wharton ’46

Rev. Paul W. Widicus ’71 and Mrs. Sue Widicus

Mrs. Dorris Young ’51


(T) - Trustee * Deceased