Donors to the McKendree Presents Series

Total Given: $79,079.00

Mr. Albert F. Allen '66 and Mrs. Catherine Allen '66

Mr. Mac Allman


Arts and Education Council

Mr. Randall K. Baer '72 and Mrs. Diane Baer '72

Dr. Michael W. Bahr and Dr. Christine M. Bahr

Mrs. Joan Barnes '53

Dr. Joni J. Bastian

Mr. J. Mike Bennett and Mrs. Carol A. Bennett

Mr. V. Eugene Biggs '58 and Mrs. Donna M. Biggs

Ms. Mary Blanc

Mr. Bill Blythe '63 and Mrs. Patricia Blythe '63

Mr. Jim Braatz and Mrs. Karen Braatz

Mrs. Mary Braun

Mr. Ross A. Brewer '76 and Mrs. L. Christine Brewer '76

Brewer Vocal Enterprises, LLC

Mr. Charles E. Brueggemann '88 and Mrs. Susan A. Brueggemann

Mrs. Janice Brueggemann

Mr. John A. Brundage

CC Food Marts, Inc.

Mr. Philip Chapman and Mrs. Melissa Chapman

Leon and Helen Church Family Foundation

Dr. Joseph J. Cipfl and Mrs. Linda Cipfl

Mr. Shawn Connelly and Mrs. Krysti N. Connelly

Dr. James Cook and Mr. Steve Smith

Brig. General David M. Cornell, USAF, Ret. and Mrs. Lynette Cornell

Mr. Gerald E. Cornell '74 and Mrs. Sharon Cornell

Dr. Loy Dale Cruse '55 (T) and Mrs. Peggy Cruse '61

Ms. Marlene C. Cummins '55

Dr. Cyril D. Curtis '43

Mr. Gerald E. Daugherty and Mrs. Sylvia E. Daugherty

Lt. Col. Joseph Daylor, Ret. and Mrs. Mary Frances Daylor

Mr. Woody L. Derickson '60 and Mrs. Gail Derickson

Mrs. Martha Dexheimer

Dr. Darryn R. Diuguid and Dr. Phillip N. Quisenberry

Mrs. Donna Dosier '56

Mr. James Eckert and Mrs. Carole J. Eckert

Mr. William J. Eckert and Mrs. Janet W. Eckert '89

Rev. Robert H. Edwards '57 (T) and Mrs. Linda Edwards

Mr. James P. Eggers and Mrs. Martha M. Eggers

Mr. Mike Eggleston and Dr. Tami Eggleston

Ms. Kathleen Feher

Ms. Sylvia Korte Fertig '63

Fezziwig's Marketplace

Mrs. Betty H. Ford

Mr. Gary Forrester and Mrs. Patricia Forrester

Mr. James K. Forrler '65

Rev. William O. Frazier Jr. and Mrs. Nancy D. Frazier

Mr. Robert E. Frizzo and Mrs. Gayle E. Frizzo

Mr. Robert Frost and Mrs. Helen Frost

Dr. Paul S. Funkhouser '70 (T) and Mrs. Carol J. Funkhouser '79

Rev. Philip P. Gardner '58 and Mrs. Bonny K. Gardner '61

Dr. Betsy Gordon

Mr. Gary Graham and Mrs. Lucia K. S. Graham (T)

Mrs. Patricia A. Gundlach

Mr. Norman H. Hake and Mrs. Carol V. Hake

Dr. Darrel Hardt and Mrs. Leslie Hardt

Dr. Delbert L. Harris and Mrs. Mary J. Metzger-Harris '62

Mr. Kendall Harris

Mr. Kenneth E. Harris and Mrs. Doris Harris

Ms. Evelyn J. Hemmens

Mr. Vernon E. Henley '76 and Mrs. Mary A. Henley

Mr. Larry F. Hofbauer '89 and Mrs. Gilda Hofbauer

Hoof and Paw Animal Clinic

Mrs. JoAnn Horenkamp

Mrs. Mary Houchin

Mr. Eugene C. Hoyt '54 and Mrs. Jeanette Hoyt '54

Ms. A. Roberta Johnson

Ms. Leslie Jolly

Dr. Philip E. Kahlert and Mrs. Mary Jo Kahlert

Mr. Charles W. Kamm '55 and Mrs. Lynne P. Kamm

Mr. Robert Kasson and Mrs. Terese Kasson

Mr. Bob Kerin and Mrs. Janice M. Kerin

Mr. Edward H. Koch '56 and Mrs. Karen P. Koch

Ms. Mary Kolesa

Mr. Alan Korte and Mrs. Elizabeth Korte

Mr. Dennis L. Korte '70 and Mrs. Martha V. Korte '77

Mr. Sylvester O. Korte Jr. '65 and Mrs. Kay E. Korte

Ms. Theresa Kozma

Dr. James M. Lang and Dr. Sandra S. Lang

Mr. Lynn Laurie

Dr. Shelly Lemons

Mr. Salvatore Macaluso and Mrs. Eva Macaluso

Mr. Clark Main and Mrs. Ardyce F. Main

Mr. William E. Malina '58 and Mrs. Patricia J. Malina

Mr. George J. Manning and Ms. Elizabeth Meinz

Mrs. Mary E. Marchal

Mr. Darryl Mayhew and Mrs. Sally A. Mayhew, MBA '07

Mr. Edward R. McGlynn '68 (T) and Mrs. Jeanne K. McGlynn '70

Mr. David McKay and Mrs. Mary McKay

Mr. Scott P. McLean '97

Mr. Donald L. Metzger (T) and Mrs. Marlene Metzger

Dr. Paul S. Meyer and Mrs. Madreen H. Meyer

Mr. Roger Mitchell

Mr. Walter G. Mueggenburg and Mrs. I. Kay Mueggenburg '93

Mr. Gary R. Mueller and Mrs. Bonnie G. Mueller

Mr. Paul K. Mueth '59 and Mrs. Shirley Mueth

Dr. Philip W. Neale and *Mrs. Penelope Neale

Mr. Robert Nebgen

Mr. Eugene H. Neighbors and Mrs. Mary K. Neighbors

New England Foundation for the Arts

Ms. Juanita M. Norsigian '66

Mr. George W. Obernagel III '78 (T)

Lt. Col. William J. Osley, USAF, Ret. and Mrs. Joanne D. Osley

Mr. Joseph J. Palas and Mrs. Diane Palas

Mr. John L. Palmeri and Mrs. Angela Palmeri

Mr. Jerry H. Parker and Mrs. Julia M. Parker

Col. Robert Parrish, USAF, Ret. and Mrs. Anne Parrish

Col. Thomas A. Pawlow, USAF, Ret. and Mrs. Mary Lou Pawlow

Mrs. Mary Pennington

Mr. David R. Philip '70 and Mrs. Mary Philip '66

Mr. Jesse C. Potter and Mrs. Carolyn J. Potter

Mr. George Rau and Mrs. Nicolyn Rau

Mr. Rick Reed

Mr. Jeffrey Rennegarbe and Dr. Richelle A. Rennegarbe '93

Mr. Jim Rentz and Mrs. Shirley Rentz '78

Mr. A. Brent Richardson '65 and Mrs. Anna M. Richardson

Dr. Jerry E. Ritchey and Mrs. Carol A. Ritchey

Mr. Aaron J. R. Sahrhage '00 and Mrs. Anna M. Sahrhage '99

*Mr. Robert Schaefer '58 and Mrs. Shirley Schaefer '60

Mr. Philip R. Schwab '70 (T) and Mrs. Carol Schwab

Mr. Paul E. Seibert '43

Mrs. Clara Simpson

Rev. Dr. Robert R. Smith '59 and Rev. Elaine Smith

Ms. Maeda E. Sparn

Dr. Frank Spreng and Mrs. Jane Spreng

Ms. Lois A. Staley

Mr. Robert Stanish '60 and Dr. Murella A. Bosse

State Farm Companies Foundation

Mrs. Dolores F. Stover '86

Mr. Paul Summitt and Mrs. Ruth Summitt

Dr. Valerie L. Thaxton '76 (T)

TheBANK of Edwardsville

Mr. Charles E. Tiedemann and Mrs. Delores Tiedemann '62

Rev. Ralph A. Totten '53 (T) and Mrs. Jennie L. Totten '52

U.S. Bancorp Foundation

Ms. Aisha N. Vintes '09

Dr. James Weingartner and Mrs. Jane Weingartner

Ms. Rebecca Wheeler

*Dr. Lawrence C. Wiegers and Mrs. Jacqueline R. Wiegers '60

Mr. Jim D. Wilkerson '69

Ms. Sue Wilkerson

Mr. Lewis A. Winterrowd '43 and Mrs. Dorothy L. Winterrowd '47

Mr. Frank C. Wojcik and Mrs. Judith L. Herrin Wojcik '70

Mr. Harley O. Woods and Mrs. Betty J. Woods

Mr. John T. Wright and Mrs. Bonnie Wright

Dr. Nancy S. Ypma

Mr. Garey G. Zimmer and Mrs. Carol S. Zimmer

Lt. Col. Joseph Zimmerlee, Ret. '84 and Mrs. Ann Zimmerlee


(T) - Trustee * Deceased