Reading Teacher Endorsement

The Reading Teacher endorsement is required for any teacher responsible for teaching reading to students as the primary teaching responsibility. Any teacher who teaches reading other than a self contained classroom must have this endorsement or all the requirements for the endorsement effective 7/1/04. The endorsement can be added to an early childhood, elementary, secondary or special (K-12) license either at time of entitlement with an initial endorsement in another teaching field, or as an added endorsement. The requirements include submission of a passing score on either the reading specialist or reading teacher content area test as required by the State of Illinois and completion of a minimum of 24 semester hours in reading including a practicum experience, in the following six areas:

• Foundations of reading

• Content area reading

• Assessment and diagnosis of reading problems

• Developmental and remedial reading instruction and support

• Developmental and remedial materials and resources

• Literature appropriate to students across all grade levels

The Reading Teacher endorsement may be granted only within the grade range of the license held.



McKendree offers the following Reading Teacher Endorsement courses. Completion of these courses plus the Illinois Reading Teacher Content Area test will meet the Illinois State Board of Education requirements for the Reading Teacher Endorsement.

Course Number - Course Title - Credits
EDU 329/529 - Children’s Literature* - 3
EDU 412/512 - Methods of Teaching Reading in the Content Area* - 3
EDU 430/530 - Methods of Teaching Reading (Elementary)* - 3
EDR 601 - Emergent Literacy - 3
EDR 510 - Adolescent Literature - 3
EDR 621 - Classroom Diagnostic Techniques and Testing Procedures for the Teaching of Reading - 3
EDR 622 - Advanced Diagnostic Techniques and Testing Procedures for the Teaching of Reading - 3
EDR 697 - Practicum in Reading - 3
Total = 24 credits
* Courses may have been completed as part of undergraduate degree program


Reading Course Descriptions



The Reading Teacher Endorsement courses are offered on the Lebanon campus and at off-campus cohorts. Please see term below for the schedule of courses being offered.

Spring 2017
- January & March start dates

Summer 2017



Complete the online application and select Reading Teacher Endorsement. All students taking endorsement coursework will be classified as non-degree seeking.


2016/2017 Academic Year (August-July)
The educator tuition rate is $385 per credit hour for certified teachers or those who have experience in teaching. Tuition for the Master of Arts in Education is $465 per credit hour. Online courses have an e-learning technology fee of $60 per credit hour.

Financial Aid

Students have the option to get an alternative loan. Federal student loans are not available for non-degree seeking student.

Payment Plan

McKendree partners with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to offer students an interest-free monthly payment option. For an enrollment fee, the billing cost is spread out over the time period that you are taking the courses. For more information please contact the Business Office at 537-6868 or go online at

Employer Reimbursement

1. Only the amount that will be paid by the employer can be deferred. The entire amount will be subject to interest charges until the student’s portion is paid.

2. A letter from the employer stating that the employee is eligible for tuition reimbursement will be required each semester. Depending upon the employer’s tuition reimbursement requirements, a copy of the policy from the company may be sufficient. This letter should be submitted to the Business Office.

3. The employer should make McKendree the Payee (or at least the co-payee) on the check.

4. Deferment period will terminate 30 days after the date grades are issued.

5. The balance will be subject to interest charges if payment is not received within 30 days from the date grades are issued.

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