Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Management

The management of sport organizations and programs is a recognized area of management and is accredited by the Commission on Sport Management (COSM).  The B.B.A. in Sport Management is appropriate for students who wish to manage sport-related businesses, not-for-profit organizations such as fitness centers, community organizations such as the YMCA, and sport facilities such as stadiums.

The General Track in Sport Management is designed to provide students with additional education and training in key areas important for sport management.  These include the basic economic and social environment of sport business, the financing and operations of facilities, the marketing and managing of events, and an internship to apply the Sport Management courses to the solution of management problems in sport.

General Requirements

English I and II


Music, Art, or Fine Arts


Laboratory Science (4 hrs. with lab)

Science (3 hrs. lab or non-lab)

Computer Science 

Philosophy or Religion


Health & Wellness


Cross Cultural

Psychology, Sociology, Political Science

(6 credit hours from 2 of these 3 disciplines)

Major Requirements

Principles of Management

Principles of Marketing

Legal Aspects of Sport Management


Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions

Principles of Financial Accounting

Principles of Managerial Accounting

Principles of Business Finance 

Principles of Macroeconomics

Principles of Microeconomics

Economics of Sport

Management Information Systems

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Business Strategy & Policy

Operations Management

Budgeting and Finance of Sport

Sport Marketing

Sociology of Sport

Sport Facilities and Event Management

Principles of Sport Management

Internship in Sport Management

General Electives  (as needed)


Student Services


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