Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.  It develops theories and discovers laws to understand, explain, predict, and change behavior. The degree prepares students to enter graduate school in psychology and other relevant areas (for example: Industrial Organization, School/Community, Child, Social, Health Psychology, Counseling, Clinical social work, Occupational Therapy, Sport Psychology, Law, Divinity, and Criminal Justice.) 

Psychology majors go on to a variety of careers, including mental health clinics, crisis centers, substance abuse programs, social work agencies, eldercare facilities, human resources and
personnel departments, criminal justice facilities, and the educational system.

The Psychology degree offered through McKendree at Scott AFB requires that the upper level psychology courses be taken online.

General Requirements

Freshman English I and II


Music, Art, or Fine Arts


Laboratory Science (4 hrs. with lab)

Science (3 hrs. non-lab)

Computer Science 

Philosophy or Religion


Health & Wellness


Cross Cultural

Economics, Sociology, Political Science

(6 credit hours from 2 of these 3 disciplines)

Major Requirements

Introduction to Psychology

Abnormal Psychology


Statistics and Statistical Software For Behavioral Sciences

Psychology Cornerstone

Research Methods and Senior Thesis

Senior Survey in Psychology

Psychology Electives (16 hours)

General Electives (as needed)