Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management degree focuses on integrated learning experiences in which students develop problem solving and team building skills.  The program is designed for students who desire a broad understanding of business operations with an intense focus on the area of Human Resources Management.  This specific course of study will equip students with the highly sought after skills required for success in HR while completing the strategic circle through courses in organizational management.

The course work component of the degree in Human Resources Management (HRM) presents the building blocks of theory and application that focus on core business principles, personnel management and retention, employee and labor relations, diversity management, and organizational development.

General Requirements

Freshman English I and II


Music, Art, or Fine Arts


Laboratory Science (4 hrs. with lab)

Science (3 hrs. non-lab)

Computer Science 

Philosophy or Religion


Health & Wellness


Cross Cultural

Psychology, Sociology,Political Science

(6 credit hours from 2 of these 3 disciplines)

Major Requirements

Principles of Management

Principles of Marketing

Business Law I or II


Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions

Principles of Financial Accounting

Principles of Managerial Accounting

Principles of Business Finance 

Principles of Macroeconomics

Principles of Microeconomics

Management Information Systems 


Accounting Information Systems

Business Strategy & Policy

Organizational Behavior

Human Resources Management

Training and Development

Diversity and Change Management

Benefits and Compensation

Employment Law

General Electives  (as needed)