Susan Winkeler - Carlyle, IL

Susan Winkeler“The program was ideal for me because I work ten hours a day and was still able to go to class at night and receive my degree. The instructors were very helpful and very understanding when it came to family or work emergencies.”

“I think the AiM program was the best route for me in getting my degree and I would highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to go back to college. I enjoyed every minute of it and made some really good friends along the way.”

“Graduating from McKendree University was always one of my dreams as I was growing up. I knew McKendree was a fantastic school and it was close to where I grew up. Being able to achieve that goal, even though it was later in life, was a great feeling.”

Kristin East - New Braunfels, TX

Kristin East"When I decided to complete my Bachelor's degree, I researched several programs at area universities. The AiM program stood out from the other options because it offered access to a McKendree education at a convenient time and location. Attending classes on Thursday evenings, fit well with my schedule. The accelerated classes were also appealing because it was possible to complete my degree in less than two years.”

“Completing my Bachelor's degree was essential for meeting my professional goals. I am currently working in the publishing industry, and I would not have been able to obtain my current position without a Bachelor's degree.”

“Earning my degree has provided a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Before going back to school, completing a degree seemed like a huge obstacle; the AiM program made the process less intimidating, and I have much more confidence because I was able to meet my goal.”

”The instructors in the program were excellent. Many had been non-traditional students themselves, and were very sympathetic to the needs of students who have work and family obligations. The instructors were diligent about making sure the accelerated courses provided as much information as traditional courses.”

“The AiM program was a great experience. It really is a well-rounded education; in addition to business courses, we studied art, literature and history. I made several close friends in the program and established valuable business contacts. Overall, the AiM program allowed me to not only complete my Bachelor's degree, but to obtain a high-quality education that has been an asset in all aspects of life.”

Teresa Warfel - Louisville, IL

Teresa Warfel“The AiM BBA courses will enhance my career and better prepare me for the challenges of doing business. AiM is an awesome opportunity to complete a degree while staying close to home.”





Darla Wiehle - Iuka, IL

Darla Wiehle“The appeal of the AiM program is two-fold. McKendree is a very reputable and distinguished university and I wanted to have their solid name behind my degree. Secondly, the adult-oriented classes appealed to me since I work full-time.”

“Having a bachelor’s degree will open up career advancement doors for me that would not have been possible before. One thing that I would stress to older students is the fact that going back to school is scary at first but it can be done. I am so glad that I did!”

Kenya Davis - Goreville, IL

“I chose the program because I was working full time and wanted to continue to work as well as get my education. It gave me the ability to do that.”

“I had a couple of really great instructors who taught me the knowledge that I am using in my profession today. I learned the different types of business practices which helped me discover what I wanted out of my degree.”

“It has allowed me to start my own business and have the knowledge to run it successfully without the fear of failure. My instructors gave us opportunities to learn and practice before going into the work force.”

“All of the instructors were really down to earth, very likable and most seemed genuinely concerned with our futures. It allowed me to open up and absorb all the knowledge they gave.”

Rebecca Ruppel - Vincennes, IN

“I chose the AIM program for two reasons. One, because it offered the flexibility to complete my bachelor’s degree while still working full time, which was a must for my situation. Also, it combined both online and traditional classes, which I believe was a best of both worlds scenario. Plus, I knew that McKendree had a reputation as an excellent school.”

“Completing my bachelor’s degree opened up a world of job opportunities that were closed to me before. I have far more options now.”

“Personally, earning my bachelor’s degree was a goal, but is seemed out of reach. The AIM program made it attainable and allowed me to fulfill my dream.”

“The students in my class already had careers, so it gave us a new perspective and added a new dimension to class. We were able to relate to the instructors as colleagues as well as teachers.”

Ed Nation - Mount Vernon, IL

“The AiM program was a wonderful experience. My degree has given me the necessary tools and insight to successfully compete in this market and retain a competitive edge over the competition.”

“The most appealing area of the AiM program to me – besides the convenience of evening classes – was the quality of instruction. The instructors were very knowledgeable in their areas and took genuine interest in the students’ progress.”

“The AiM program is perfect for the working adult, providing an excellent learning experience through engaging instructors, high quality instruction and small class sizes."

Michael Thompson - Centralia, IL

“The academic knowledge gained in the AiM program has provided the confidence needed to work directly with management in the implementation of policies and procedures that have been beneficial to the company and its employees.”

“Several factors pertaining to the AiM program appealed to me. The AiM program offers personal onsite instruction, evening class offerings, multiple meeting locations, and the opportunity to network with classmates as well as exceptional faculty."

“The AiM program provides adult learners the opportunity to fulfill their educational dreams. The faculty at McKendree University are genuinely concerned with the success of the students and have consistently exceeded my expectations.”

“The AiM program has been a positive influence in my career and personal life. I highly recommend McKendree’s AiM program to anyone seeking to continue their education.”

Gail Coleman-Williams - Iuka, IL

“I love the flexibility of the AiM program. I can work and go to school. I could not attend regular daytime hours and work at the same time. I have loved the program and working with McKendree to get my degree. The people are so nice to work with. I like all of the smaller-sized class sizes. I also like that the average age of the students is older and they have a lot of experience to bring to the classes.”

Raychel Simms - Fairfield, IL

“I liked the fact that AiM was not just an online program. I wanted the face-to-face lecture and interaction with the instructors and other students. Also, it was more catered to business instead of just general.”

“AiM is a great program for anyone, especially those of us that work full-time and want to further our education. The program is very flexible.”

Jane Mueth - Smithton, IL

“I really enjoyed the layout of the AiM program, where you meet with the instructor and fellow classmates but still have the freedom to work online when it is convenient with your own personal schedule. The AiM program gives me the freedom to study at my convenience but still provides me with the interaction of fellow students and the instructor.”

“I also like the layout of two classes every eight weeks. Concentrating on two classes at a time is easier than trying to keep up with four classes.”

“The flexibility and ease of the program has enabled me to finish my bachelor’s degree in a reasonable amount of time and still have time to be with my family. I recommend this program to any working parent.”