Online Learning

Is an online course appropriate for you?


Allows you to pace your studies over the week rather than committing to a specific time you have to be in class.


Faculty require the same rigor as in equivalent face to face courses.


Online courses require students to assume responsibility for readings and postings to discussion boards. Involvement in your course has to be driven by your own motivation.

Willingness to Work with Others

You may be required to complete group projects. In online courses, this requires the ability to communicate effectively via email, phone, and/or chat rooms.

Writing Skills

You must have the ability to express yourself in writing.

Technology Skills

You must possess a general understanding in the use of computers and common software packages such as Microsoft Office.

Time Management

Successful online students have the ability to manage their schedules to reserve appropriate time for their studies.

Course Management System

McKendree University uses BlackBoard for online course delivery.  Familiarity with course management systems such as BlackBoard or Web CT is beneficial.

Text Books

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Is your computer ready for an online course?

Minimum Computer Requirements


 1.6 GHz or faster


 4 GB or greater

 Internet Connection

 High-speed Internet or 3Mbps, no modem (No Accelerators)


 A current and regularly updated application

 Internet Explorer

 Version 10.0 or higher

 Mozilla Firefox

 Version 29.0 or higher

 Adobe Reader

 Recent version

 Microsoft Office

 Recent version

 Adobe Flash Player

 Recent version


Check Your Computer Configuration

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Microsoft Office

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For Additional Support

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