Majors and Courses

Adult students have the option of an accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Business Administration, Marketing or Human Resource Management.

Business Administration Major

BUS 303  Business Law I

ART 314   Survey of American Art

BUS 310 Quant Analysis for Business Decisions

ENG 380 SPTP: Short Fiction

BUS 410 Management Information Systems

HIS 326 America Since 1945

BUS 450 Business Strategy and Policy

FIN 306 Consumer Finance

FIN 308 Principles of Business Finance

MGT 314 Organizational Behavior

MGT 334 Human Resource Management

MKT 305 Consumer Behavior

MKT 340 International Business

MKT 424 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility


PSI 305 Constitutional Law

PSY 405 Industrial/Organizational Psychology



SPC 310 Business & Professional Presentations

Management Major 

Management majors will take the following courses online:

MGT 350 Small Business Management

MGT 354 Management Communications

MGT 376 Operations Management


Marketing Major


Marketing majors will take the following courses online:

MKT 310 Marketing Research

MKT 330 Principles of Retailing

MKT 354 Advertising and Promotion


Human Resources Management Major

Human Resource Management majors will take the following courses online:

HRM 410 Diversity and Change Management

HRM 430 Benefits and Compensation

HRM 440 Employment Law

SPC 370 Training and Development

They will typically substitute for the following Business core:

FIN 306 Consumer Finance

MKT 305 Consumer Behavior

SOC 360 Race & Ethnic Relations

Course substitutions will be determined with the consultation of an AiM advisor.

McKendree University requires 120 credit hours for degree completion and AiM coursework totals 51 hours. 69 hours of approved electives will be needed from an accredited college/university including:

•   English Composition I & II

•   Principles of Management

•   Principles of Marketing

•   Financial and Managerial Accounting

•   Micro & Macro Economics

  •  Philosophy or Religion

•   Statistics

•   Computer Competency

•   Two Science courses, one with a lab